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Hello! My name is Heather. I am a comic artist and illustrator. I play video games, watch TV, and roll around in my room.
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    Heather Nunnelly
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@Guest: Yes and that was corrected for the graphic novel version of the comic and online.
@Ighon: Thank you!!
Vacant is off it's hiatus!
@Ighon: And Siren's like "Average!?"
@Ighon: Oh whoa. You're right. I didn't even notice
@Ighon: Rules are rules. Jin and Hayze are cops. They gotta do the cop thing. Even though it does kinda suck for Aex.
Hey, I just wanted to remind everyone that the Kickstarter is still going on. It has already met it's goal, but any extra money given will be extremely useful for prating the comic, making the merchandise, and then going to things like conventions.
The VACANT Kickstarter for volume 1 has started!! Please pledge and support the comic! Every dollar counts. Share with your friends. Spread the news.

Here is the link:
@Ighon: He's a hard sleeper.
VACANT is seeking guest art to be printed at the back of the graphic novel coming out this summer/fall. For more details go here: hic-novel
I completely forgot to put in the stars in the window behind Aex. Oh well.
@Ighon: Awwww.What a nice comment! Thanks!
Sorry for lack of pages. More next month.
Wanted to try something different. This is going to be a short story.
VACANT also has a
twitter: or
Go to official site for links:
Hayze’s face: But I waaanntt it.

Jin: NO!

To ask a character a question go here:
@grifendel: Oh thanks. I'll fix that.
The questions are getting very creative. All day I was trying to figure out how exactly Jin would be able to use his tail as a weapon. It’s like if you used your butt as a weapon. You could use your butt, but it’s so much more convenient to use your arms are legs. Or even your head. Using your butt would be awkward and difficult.

But hilarious.

Also, him saying he is old isn’t an agist thing. That’s just Jin being Jin. He’s only 40. There’s a 45 year old woman in the comic that is the strongest soldier in The Luminary. She will fuck you up.

Ask a question here:
@Afterburner: Thank you! I am glad you thought it was so funny. Means I did a good job. Ahahaha.
So, the reason why I like doing webcomics is reading the responses people have for the characters. It effects the way I write the story and dictates some of the choices I make. One very interesting thing I figured out was just how mean the audience thinks Hayze is.

Look at this fan comic I got a long time ago:

I think it’s fascinating. I see my characters one way, so it’s fun seeing them from other way. Even after drawing this, I am not sure if Hayze would actually push someone into a closet. Then again, he might.

Read the Vacant series here:

Ask a question here: