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I'm one who walks along the dimensions, trying to deliver a IDEA! (Yet, I do not claim to be any Deity...nor am I fool hardy enough to say "Create"...for that God's domain!) I go by many well as another 'side'... beyond all the Avatars and presonus...what am I?

I like reading comics, WebComics and any other intense Adventure/Action/Fighting/Sci-fi/Supernatural stories.

FOR (at least 1 of) MY GOAL: Would Like to share my ideas until my skills are up to at lease average.
Is this creepy? Nah! Terrifying?
...I may need a change of pants.

Great job! I maybe inspired to make a fan character for this.
@steelscyther_2008: b...FRICKEN...S!! If my bro didn't go ahead and lost my "$35 Emerald" I'd demand someone transfer me a NidoQueen (or capture its 1st form) and try it for myself. >:\

What? Is NidoQueen SUDDENLY menopause for this female equivalent?
Yeah sure where...wait...NO!!
Who'd want to 'kill' a blonde beauti' like you, that happens to be a viscous hunter?

Now...if we just accurately scale where with "Fred Perry's" *sudden mob of apologize* ...0_o; ...Lycan-thrall, then we're in business!
Whao! Just...whao...
That's quite an "interesting" dragon mother you have there. ;) I'll be sure to read on and see what type this is.
Well well well...
...can I say, "Ko-BOOOM!!" Anyone? or do I learn the code for 'spoiler alert'?! Great job, on that snatch and toss there, skilled art positioning you got there!;)
M-master? *looks on in awe*
You've captured the very "essence" that is Atti's Pokemon! M...m-may you be my bad arsed?
p.s. You're! (Did HE MAKEYOUR'S H.H Grenade?)
@darkgloomie: I concur with this possibility, and...I am "most" concerned in that development.
The 'fudge' did I just read?! That was "really" her mother?!?
The same could be said in that "damnable" Dr.Onagonnaoctopus's signature attack/move.

(⌐▪˾▪ Good thing I have a means of defense. While you have a much cooler...uh...HOTTER attack, right?
5 Pint hit!
I'd actually give a ten, but I must deduct points for hitting it 'through' the net.
Yang: 0@ !!
Yin: Aaaaannnddd we TROUBLE.
Yang: *eye narrow and look to the side at Yin*
Yin: What?! I didn't say "we're screwed" did I?
Yin: ...-_-; Pretty chipper for someone who's just been, huh, BANISHED.
Yang: ^ ^ Oh shush you! This is 'definite' new and fresh breath of air for us! It shows just how peaceful and law abiding her environment (and most likely the whole realm)was. * thumbs-up* Nothing this heroine cannot bounce back from, way to go!
Ho Ho hoooo
YYYyyyeeeesss! B;-) That made my day!
Yan: There was actually another way down...*shurgs* who knew?
...haste makes waste..
Well certainly it would hunt you, especially when you've time to sit and think; "Gosh darn it!I could've handled that wwaaaayyy better!!"

It was the pokemon's "only" eye! I'd be shocked if he didn't have an ounce of guilt.

...On another note. B) I am sorely temped to make an experienced Sandslash (of 500-slashes) to teach him when 'to' and 'not' go for vital spots like that.
Looks like someone needs a chill-pill! :o
...And so..."Gary the JOKER", was born!

-_- Pssh! Don't tell me you didn't notice that crazed sneer.
@Cureal: All Hail--! B-D And you know the rest!

Somebody's gonna return a ruler in Route #3!!
...Yeaaahhh...sorry in Advance
"Oh dear 'Mistress', I'm afraid YOU have been more 'dick-ish' than he. That alone speaks volumes!" -- a Charming Hunter

Sorry...>:( but it MUST be said!
One of my Best! B)
I played pokemon gold, and although I've had a couple wipeouts before, I didn't for a moment consider the pokemon i had deied ( was hard enough as it is catching lendaries...never did get to recapture them all, before the casing fell apart (darn over eager siblings)...didn't even KNOW about you -pardon the expression- crazy-hard-core-players till i come to the US.) I got sandtru, and...something just...clicked you know? And before I knew it, he was my "favorite" Ground-type...and then later the Strongest!

^ _^Aaaaannny whooo, Great Comic, hope you stay health!!
I call...BS!!
What.the.HELLS?! Up until now, I understood your passion to stick 'harsh reality' to a world that boards on the edge. But...Come on!! I'll even excuse GEODUDE and say the rock-head DROWNED. Onx on the other hand, is in fact a worm type!
The worst case scenario here is...Onx fainted from shock. There is no way he could drown (for Pete's sake, he had well placed and craved out nostrils) from an attack short-of-fudging-SURF...i MEAN Onx body doesn't even have a crack/crevis to show he was hit with 'skull-bash'. - -; ((Hey, don't judge me)) ...the rock armor would be weaken enough for a more suitable killing blow!

...*looks at art*...0_o; !!*just realizes this onx was the same as geodude* a-ahem...well then....guess I didn't this one through.....:|...This onx's a freak! *runs for the hills*