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A software engineer who loves comics!
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    John Lindwall
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Another solid page! I love the reflection in panel 5
Panel 2
I wasn't initially sure what was happening in panel 2. It seems that the robot is bumping/pushing Crissy forward? Then in the next panel it has passed her by and headed into the "portal"?

I did not realize the robot was behind her; I Just assumed it had passed through the veil already.

The 5th panel made me think of Michelangelo's Creation of Adam.
I loved her "I just want to take you apart" comment! Crissy is obviously a problem-solver and very curious to boot.
@ZaraLT: I love the asymmetrical panel shapes reflecting the action-packed tension of a chase. The forest in panel 3 is wonderful.

The "Shhh Shhh" sounds .. are those the sounds of the wheat getting trampled as she runs through? I hope so because that was my interpretation and it worked perfectly for me.
Your process?
Sorry if I missed this elsewhere on your page.

You mentioned inking by computer. Do you mind sharing your process for creating your art? Do you do anything on paper or is it all digital?

PS Those clouds in the last panel are fantastic. Loving this story!
Them darn crows
@ZaraLT: I'm starting to get uneasy about these crows, y'know?
November 6th, 2012
Last panel
@ZaraLT: Lovely page. I adore that last panel especially! How small she must feel in that big wheat field; but even smaller yet dwarfed by the universe.
@ZaraLT: The lettering effect is very cool. It seems to me that you hand-rendered each letter because if it were simply a font, each "S" would look the same and yet they are unique.

Fantastic sky as well!
@ZaraLT: What a beautiful and striking image! The color and lighting effects are amazing.

Where is that "favorites" button... I need to click it...