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I get around.
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    Das Random Hobo
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Logic says no
Head says yes
This is why I stay up late, to read webcomics about people falcon punching headcrabs!
Hey guys what going on in
@Adriafox222 only bad spriter in this comic I beg to differ
@Rajay, depends is it a female or male cat
Kill that son of a bitch
your comic skills are still higher than mine
News travels quite fast and so does scratch apparently
Glander> Tank for team and then pound it's face in with your power fists
It's more a longer jacket sort of clothing and my feeble attempt at making him look the part. Hooded Tavern keeper was the best I could come up with.
My clothes or massive skill drop for the sake of the future conversation I'm going to say you meant the massive drop in skill
I've brought unfunny back
Grab your discount torches and pitchforks we're burning someone who speaks the truth about himself.

I have also decided that it is deliberately confusing to tell who is saying what
Make me a character that doesn't suck.

-Much love, Wolf
How old am I then
I think you'll find it's dead
and then he exclaimed, what the hell didn't this die?