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Back to massacre!


Watching: The computer screen.
Feeling: So freakin' happy.
Eating: Strawberry cake.
Drinking: Lemonade.
Playing: Pokemon Tower Defense (the first one).
Killing: Final bosses.
Enjoying: An amazing final boss theme.

Things I dislike:

Trolls on the internet.
Attention seekers.
People being characters that belong to franchises.
People who are abusing words randomly.
Total nut-brained maniacs.
Immature language.
Ridiculous events.

And over all. . .YOU!

Also, here comes the pain train.
@Janobii: probably. considering what there is, it's very likely. i mean, luxray is like, you know, op, zebstrika is so fast- lots of range and flaafy in general is a ridiculous special attacker
well technically this IS an update XD
Well this looks very different to this point.
Delays, delays, delays...
AGAIN, I'm sorry. just got too much on my hands since I began playing TF2 in my spare time. Shouldn't have even done that but okay.

> enter command
DEFINETLY saw something like this happen before.

also hai
So yeah.... Larry's sprite sheet is getting made currently so all i can really do is draw him in :/

Anyway, here he is.
Sandslash NEEDS this. but then again it's a salamence's offence and a ****ing shuckle defence, but half the defence. lol
Last time to pick before i add in a new character select page! Pick! the one that did not win will be done afterwards.

You know the drill, as you already do.
I'm sorry!
I'm just so sorry the stories are a bit small. Besides, who do you want to see next?

Look out for a character select page in the Un-chaptered chapter thing. (lol)
@Kurona: it really has. sorry about the delay.
Due to Kracko being a jerk.

> (enter command)
The Phanpy's death was.
@Syogren: oh lol forgot about that ha ha ha
How did Psybeam hit Mightyena? Pokelogic defied.
Ah I get it. ha ha ha.
Oh snap. I need to post stuffz.
I wonder what will unfold out of this. . .ooh.