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Marius is becoming this session's Vinnie
Only less devious.

And just like Vinnie he used to be in my top 3 and now I want him to lose.
Gatemaster took out Phoenix!
Gatemaster is now my favorite character. I couldn't stand seeing Phoenix's visored face anymore.
George are you crazy?

Along with Audrey and Jessica, Marius and Joseph are the best characters! If anyone needs to go, it certainly isn't either of them.
Not even a surprise sneak-attack can get Sin to open his eyes.
@George: I don't know where to begin to enlist everything wrong with you if a female character being 40 is an unforgivable deal breaker of character design in your eyes.
You'd expect a One Piece character to be able to hold their breath a bit longer than that!
Geez Phoenix you're Tribe Furry's MTL.
I can't say Deus Ex Machina! :D

I got scared there for a second.
Can I say Deus Ex Machina?
I'm sorry to say this MTL but you are officially bad at survivor. Things are looking bad for the 'master if Tribe Evil loses immunity again.

The evil alliance (my favorite alliance by far) is going to have to watch out for Audrey's free-wheeling voting methods soon enough. Good thing the enemy was both outnumbered and worse at survivor this time but that is unlikely after the merge.
Looks like MTL is on his way out.

I'm loving this tribe, I hope after they vote out MTL they all make the merge!
@cRaZyKiD: He's probably just a fan of The Punisher.
The yellow tribe finished first despite being at a disadvantage inherent to the challenge (the pieces are the same color as the sand). Truly the best tribe there is.
You said it George.

Two of my favorites in an alliance already, this must be a dream come true.
Gatemaster: "She looks heavier than she looks"

How is this possible? That would create a recursive cycle that would result in her looking infinitely heavy, creating a singularity that defies the laws of physics as we know it. First confessional and Gatemaster got close to destroying the universe already.

--- or maybe it was only a typo.
As far as first impressions go I am rooting for Brock, Marius, and Sin here.
I don't know who Gatemaster is but if he's as eccentric as the comments indicate I can easily see myself rooting for him.

E: And Jessica! How could I forget Jessica? There's my top 5 right there.
Marius looks awesome, Fire Emblem is awesome! Is he a myrmidon? He looks kinda like a myrmidon.

Myrmidons are awesome.
ANOTHER Sonic FC? It's beginning to feel like there's one of those every season :/- They're starting to feel a bit repetitive but I won't be prejudiced, Amber might turn out great.

So far I'm rooting for Brock! I wasn't expecting a PPG FC, I hope he makes it far!
About time!

I disagreed with QJD in many ways but I have to agree that Chaona was BLAND
Where's the "Rate 6 stars" button?
Great things always happen when Lily and the idol are involved!

That was awesome, I hope this earns Lily a win because she's the only one that deserves it. (Barney deserving the runner-up)