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The Second Hand of Time
Likes: romantic-comedies, dark chocolate, lilies, RPGs, Dating Sim games, puzzles, silver jewelries, flowy dresses, black/Gothic fashion, classical/piano pieces, D.N.Angel, yaoi/shounen-ai, cats, Artemis Fowl series, role-playing

Dislikes: drama/angst, pink, gold, chihuahuas, threesomes(ugh), love triangles(fuckin' hell, man), Bella Swan
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I just love the lil' caption that pops out when you mouse over the picture.

"Cole: -.-' Stop staring."

I was just reading, enjoying Joseph's inner uke with his son, when after a few pages, I suddenly realized that these characters looked very familiar. Then after a few more pages, I finally decided to look at the author's name. I was floored.

<H-Holy shi--DEDMERATH?!?! SHE'S ALIVE?!?! OAO>

I swear, I kept gaping at your name. Then I finally remembered that Joseph looked so much like the school doctor from WASR and No. 2 from no10. In conclusion, I was in utter joy and fell in love with your story all over again.

First saw your work at Snafu Comics. I wasn't a fan of Naruto, but I decided to read your doujinshi anyway. Then I saw that you had a Smackjeeves account, so, decided to check it out, too. Needless to say, I became a fangirl of your boys. XD

I thought you wouldn't come back seeing as your works weren't updated in such a long time, so finding a new story of yours really came as a shock (the good kind, though). It seems you won't be continuing WASR and have deleted no10, though... *whimpers*

But nevertheless, at least I'll look forward to this new one. 8D <PRAISE BE JEEBUS!!! \*A*/ >
@AsianIdiot16: Well, it's been 4 years already, so... Yeah, I guess. :|
M.P., I give you the power of resurrection. Use it wisely. Like on Nikolai, you know. XD

Honestly didn't see that coming. Then again, I never did expect an 8-bit chicken coming out of that egg. XD
@archiloquy: Are you kidding me?! XD *rolls on the floor laughing and dies* XD... I miss this comic. :D
I FINALLY CAUGHT UP! 8D... God, that took so long. XD... Even after 67 chappies, this story still reels me in. :D... Go go go, Angel! :D
Holy shi--NO WAY!!! VIRTUAL REALITY HELMET?!?! 0o0... THIS COMIC'S LIKE 'SWORD ART ONLINE' BUT FUNNIER!!! 8D... Yeah, the anime Sword Art Online deals with virtual reality MMORPG, but more on drama because the only way people can log out is to win and kill others.... I still prefer this comic, though. :D
Did anyone else notice how friendly Kurogawa was in the tavern and how he's pretty aloof right now? XD... My hunch that Kurogawa was played by two different people--the tavern and the rescue as well as right now--still stands. 8D
@darkfairykara: I've got a pretty good feeling that the person playing Kurogawa right now isn't the same one who saved Naoto and Chris. XD... This guy's probably a friend or relative of the real user of Kurogawa, who may have seen the rescue of the two (since he knows them) and is also allowed to play as Kurogawa occassionally (since he was contemplating about asking "someone's" permission). XD... Just a hunch, though. I hope I'm close to the truth. 8D
@Mechanicalpenguin: Oh, no worries! XD... No R18 sexual themes. A few swearing, violence, and topless men, true, but all-around comedy! :D
@Mechanicalpenguin: *nervous chuckle* Sorry if my comment scared you. ^.^'... I didn't think it was that long. (Seriously, I've made longer reviews in FanFiction.Net. ^.^')... Should've given a warning, I guess. ^.^'

Anyway, here's the link:

0w0... Should you tell, though. It seems that this comic is dead... :(... Still, enjoy! And we'll wait for the next page, won't we guys? :D
My first comment here:
Hello. :)... I've been reading here at Smackjeeves for a while now and had recently decided to create an account to keep track of my faves. A few days ago, I found this lil' comic. After finally catching up from the latest page, I now feel inclined to voice my thoughts and theories about the mysteries. :D

1) I've got this nagging feeling that Cole's real name is NICHOLAS. (Genius. XD)

2) 'TORI's son.' Still not so sure if this is the name of Nikolai's mother or father, but my guess is that his father might have been Cole's former lover. It makes some sense pertaining to the old photographs and Cole somewhat knowing who Nikolai is.

3) While reading, I had once thought that maybe Cole's little brother is actually Nikolai's father. But when you had pointed out that during Mikhail and Cole's first meeting, Nikolai was only two back then, I pretty much had to abandon that train of thought. It would've been a little possible, though. The little bro and Nikolai look quite alike, after all.

4) I love the little snippets of humor that you add to the scenes, by the way. XD... I remember Mikhail transforming his pants into a broom for 'protection', and Cole still submerged in the bathtub. XD

5) The animation surprised me the first time. XD... Your work is the first flash animation story I've read here.

6) It's good to know that this story actually HAS a plot, unlike the others wherein mostly, they just make an excuse for the characters to have sex. -.-

7) Now for a random advertisement. Ahem. "Would you like some campus comedy?! Then try reading WASR--another webcomic here at good 'ol Smackjeeves! You won't great it! ;)" .... XD... Oh god. Btw, the comic's not mine. It's just a long-time fave that always manages to brighten my day. :D... You may have even read it already. 8D

Well, anyway, time to log off. Lord knows I've had enough of BL for one night.

... Pfft. As if. XD