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For a wimp who can't play or watch horror games/movies, I tend to like demons/spirits/ghosts-related stories a lot.

I also love mysteries.
The start of a beautiful friendship
...Not really.

I forgot to mention this in the previous page, but I've started using SAI for the comic pages, which is why it kind of looks different compared to the pages from Prologue.

...I kind of miss the shape tool oC had ;_;
Replies from previous page
@The Orange Cow: Thank you for your interest! <3 I hope the story will keep you interested!
Lots of things happened and I took a longer break than I wanted. I meant to start working on Chapter 1 two weeks after getting the Prologue up, but... :') My will comes and goes, and this is just a hobby so please bear with me with sparse updates.
I actually drew this out before drawing the prologue pages, ahaha. I wish I went with a different coloring style though 8(

Also, I will be taking a break for a few days due to the need of planning out chapter 1 pages.
Good bye kitty, hello weird guy
Zioryle, now as human.

This also marks the end of Prologue. See you in chapter 1!
Recycling characters oh boy
If you've seen my old old comic before I deleted it off SJ, he was the main character in that comic. He's still in the main cast in this one though (mostly because I missed him too much not to stick him into this one.)

Alternate Universe, if you will.
I took a day break, oops
I spent most of the day playing Gods Eater Burst.

This will be the last of seeing the huge talking tree.
I couldn't plan out this page well enough
I don't like how action frames take up so many pages, but I think I should've spent at least half of a page more for this scene.
Gradient overkill
So many gradients. Hurry up and get out of that place sob.

Also, his wings keeps on changing sizes. I'm going to say it's because it's magical skeleton wings.
Note: This cat is not that smart
He could have tried to reason out that not all flame Milieu have skeleton wings like himself.

Please don't ask how a tree can see things. 8'|
This page looks slightly different (if it does to anyone) because I forgot to blow up the rough draft when I was inking. |D;
This page could've been better
I need to study perspective and drawing backgrounds.
I'm on a roll
There is a valid reason why the cat listens to the wolf. (Yes that's a wolf sob)
Can't draw canines...
I think my bias shows through my drawings by how well I draw them.
It's a thing now
Going to be updated whenever, since I'm real bad at keeping track of time.. :') Enjoy!

Prologue is a tad longer than I hoped. I will be uploading the pages as I finish them.
XDD!!! Your comics are pure awesome <3 I just love how all your characters have so much depth ;A;
Woo yeay :D Can't wait~! XD
xD She looks so cute! And pink! xD;;

Hahah, I thought the comic died or something :P I'm glad you uploaded this here x)
October 13th, 2007
Such an interesting story! o__o Can't wait for more! x3
xD I really like the bottom part of the page with the chibis xD;; It's so cute and funny! XD