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i'm still a graphic designer, mangaka in my free time...still waiting to be pro, still i love jrock, and still addict to manga and anime. Still can't live without BL/yaoi, and hot bishies.
Soon publishing my art book
my account on DA
still have doubting my abilities to draw, still hate my crappy stuff...getting more and more lazy but...soon becoming a great artist...still believing I can do that...still dreaming...still hoping...keeping faith...after 10 years...passion for art still burning strong!
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bonn fet tou mama
You can follow me online on my facebook page (
March 31st, 2016
a little explication of how to read the story
that's Ira made by me ^___^
My boys were at the convention together with Cross and Lloyd(cosplay as Ciel)
That's all for tonight ^0^/ visit my tumblr for behind the scene stuffs >.< bybye see you soon
guest: Lloyd belongs to EmiLee and Cross belongs to K-san
Alucard is a D.I.M Minimee Alucard Sotn Castlevania on resinsoul Long body i hate those hands i'm saving to buy joint hands for him ^0^
welcome my new 70cm minimee
we are back ^0^/ updating many pages then be silent again for a long time T_T
updates coming soon.
You can now follow my crew on
to be continued...
if you feel that i'm not following any kind of storyline...well i am each mini chapter have a certain connection to the previous one :D enjoy
"we cheat... it was meant to be..."
Louis "Lui" spamming ^0^
after 3 yrs in the hobby now i'm not alone ^0^
meeting with friends from BJD fanclub mauritius
"i'll go outside...someday"
starring lui if you want gif of other crew comment below i'll have sometime next week
lui speaking Japanese ^0^
new comer is made by me <3 happy you love him
thanks *hug*