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Oy vey, i was an idiot a while ago, Anyhow, i'm back, and i'm uploading a comic that me and some friends are making for our exams, they're also on our deviantart.
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She doesn't Have an Army. So, she sends Like, a Legion of Monkeys to Do stuff for her?
@ShinyHoundoom229: a game where link doesn't get friendzoned
and i thought overly attached girlfriend-saria was bad enough,
oh jeezus
Tasteh link!keep up the good work
Hahahahah brilliant! Entire comic make bullet troll laugh
Hehehe, pewp reference =\
oh and jim, I think, after ocarina of whatever, do a majoras mask comic, if you do make a mm comic, you MUST do some jokes with the moon, and some jokes where stuff happens like everytime link forgets to set time, he looks up and shouts "oh god fucking danmit!"Oh and put some emotional bits in it as well as comedy, like the Romani ranch bit where cremia knows about the moon falling and leys her little sister drink the alcoholic stuff to dim her senses,
so that's where my avatar came from, jim ur awesome
Shit is gonna get REAL!!
Wtf is up with the random wasted pikachu on the bookshelf? :-P
omnomnomnim, hmmmm, tastes like lizard blood, or iszat grapes?
Oh jim? I subbed to your YouTube channel, mine is called unholyknight32, I had videos but made them private due to some assholes spamming my comment section.
Hey guys, can you comment a URL for a profile picture that I can use on smackjeeves, I can't find any proper sized pictures or gifs. Please send me a link to a good one
Ker-splosh, a tidal wave would've suited this better, because a 7000 kg fish man just ker-sploshes when he land in water? Highly doubtful. :|
Hey jim.
U may not remember me but look at the older pages.
I'm that Quinn kid
I think my old name was quinnogara2 so if U remember me. Then long time no see.
I have matured and I haven't read ur pages in ages.
I still laughed at the mido joke about his parents dying.
So look at the old comic pages and try to find me.