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The writer and artist... Yep. I'm just a bit awesome. It'll be forever before you see something from me though. D':
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Blinded by the fire to the eyes?
Will they both be blind now? Ha! I hope so! That'd be amazing!
I wish I could just change my sandwiches into bacon... My life would be so much better... I could even have my own Meat Day! XD
Well, I was going to ask a question, but the alt text answered it for me... XD
Doing it now.
@Cheffin: I am consulting the almighty Google at this very moment. I will hopefully return soon with some trustworthy results (I will cross check to the best of my abilities).

Alright, the Google has spoken. After several links, I have found myself constantly being driven back to a site called Unfortunately, this and every other site I have seen requires a bank account. I am not sure if you have one, but if you do, this is the most recommended alternative I have seen. I know this probably does not help you at all, so I will keep searching.
We all want to help.
@Cheffin: I'm sorry, but that is not my area of expertise, friend. I would not try anything without making sure it is safe first though. Maybe Dordt herself knows a way? Or anyone else who still checks this? Of course, that is hardly anyone... I shall do some research when I find the time.
If only...
If only we could all pitch in and throw at least one dollar her way each. This comic has more than 25 fans, and that is not counting the guests. The only problem with this is that it is extremely inefficient and I am not sure if you can simply transfer a dollar with paypal (the method she uses). On the plus side, it would mean a bunch of us could donate since many in our group do not have 25 dollars but still have some money. In the end, I am sure we could collect enough money. I mean, it is just one dollar to give up after all.

Just throwing this idea out there.

EDIT: For those who are not on Deviant Art, she has made a special offer this month. For 35 dollars she will do two pages. It would have been 50 originally, so this is a good deal. We have 37 fans for this comic, again not including the guests. Come on, guys. Lets help Dordtchild out some. A dollar each? It isn't too bad. But keep in mind what I said above at the same time.

Please at least think about this.
That was one of the two reasons I put my last comment, the other because of his injury. XD x2
I see that more than just the cats are screaming up there. Poor McJeffer-whatever(I can't remember how to spell his name). XD
I bet at least one other person has gone to look up Monster Rancher.
Like I said on DA, I wish you luck, Dordt. You do what you need to do to get everything straight.

We should all be optimistic about this. She said this MAY never continue, not that it will never continue. Lets just keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best. And even if she doesn't, we should all thank her for what she has given us so far. I'm sure it has been hard to cope with.

So Dordt, thank you. We'll miss you. :)
Sick server
@ShipLord-burgers: I think someone already said this in the comments, but Lewis said thst the server is "sick". All the mods could be causing quite the trouble. Things are not always compatible or do not get updated. We will just have to continue to be patient and hope everything is fixed soon so that things can get back on track.
@Genni_Isralker: "IT'S WAY OVER 9000" - I give up. Where is this reference from?!

Gosh, can't wait to see Lewis in that bee suit. I will be rolling on the floor laughing!
Set done only
@Cheffin: They still have to record on the new set. But when they finally do post it...

Izzy appeared and I missed it?!
What if he shows up in the last live stream and it ends leading back into SOI? I know they wouldn't do SOI as a live stream, but they could still at least hint at it in some way. Ugh... I really hope it does come as a Christmas episode. I just am tired of waiting.
And the streak of no new episodes continues! This could replace SOI... Gosh I hope not. I want 'em both!
@cecythemexicankitty: Well, one of the things traveling around in the comments was that it comes out tomorrow. I doubt that.
Just something you say
@Ghostmaster12345: Also, people seem to commonly say, "Good morning (insert name here)," when someone wakes up after a long period of sleep, regardless of the time. You can't ever tell if it is day or night in the Nether either. Have you ever taken a clock down there? It goes all catawampus.
He he...
@cecythemexicankitty: I know because I'm physic. It is one of my many supernatural powers that comes with my evil- *cough cough* I'm sorry, what was I saying again? Oh yes, auto correct is not politically correct now. IT DELIBERATELY WROTE CHRISTMAS. 'Creeper' should have been changed to 'holiday' instead. XD Yes, I'm crazy, I know. You don't have to tell me again. Anyway... FALSE HOPE! YEAH!
Did auto correct attack?
@cecythemexicankitty: The Christmas blast? You mean the creeper blast? We have all had some funny messages from the loved and hated auto correct... But yes, Skylord_Ashley, the creeper exploding a few pages back is the reason.

Plus... Countdown anyone?
Like always, amazing faces
I love Xephos's face in the forth panel. And he looks so happy in the fifth! Then there is Daisy in the last one... That just makes me sad.