Man, this profile sure is dusty from lack of :(

Hi there! I'm the author of the webcomic "The Fayth". I'm a gentle soul (lol) who lives on the calm shores of Connecticut, USA. (With the exception of Hurricane Sandy)

I love reading interesting comics, whether they be funny/punny, magical, dramatic, or a gay romance. In case you're curious, I'm gay...duh, that should be painfully obvious (guy liking gay stuff etc)

Other stuff I do? Social working, kakayking, fluting, internet surfing, and video games <3

My style? Magically cartoonish :P

If you'd like to contact me, try my e-mail or the Smackjeeves PM system. I don't use social networking sites or online messengers.

--The Fayth Status--
Well, friends, it has been two years since the Fayth had any real update. I'm sad to say that at this time I have not worked on my baby for some time and I honestly don't see myself doing so in the near future. I"m sorry to all those that may be dissapointed :(
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Kinda like a PG, manga-styled, Boondocks. Loving the afro.
This is really, really good. What the hell is going on?!
Well then.
As awesome as the last three pages were, he really did look just sad and not into it. Get off the SMACK!
I will be respectful. Promise. Now please, more, sir.
Have you considered adding an archive feature? It would be really nice :)
I am.. intrigued.
Oh man, those teeth.
Ah, to be in his position right now. Without the smack, it'd be pretty damn awesome.
Crying out of the one real eye is a nice touch.
Well, this was a bit of a page turner. Loving the art and, as Japhin puts it, the vagueness of it all. Seems like an interesting world to explore, can't wait for more!
Parental cock block, ugh. He's probably about to explode, look at that plof!
Use the lube!
That's a Hey Arnold type shrine. I'm almost expecting a Rich bust made out of old wads of chewing gum in one of those drawers.
This comic really is just hilarious. The group has an "Always Sunny in Philly" feel to it - which, in itself, is comedy gold.
I thought yoga was supposed to calm the soul. Instead we literally have a yoga gang - like, a violent one at that.
This is about the un-sexiest conversation I've ever heard when sex was about to happen. Amazing. Love it. You've got yourself a sub.
Well, this is beautiful and unexpected.
So does Luis have a crush on Rich or is it just some sort of Jiu-Jitsu bromance? My curiosity demands an answer! - Also, this comic is amaazing, just finished the battlebot chapter, was cracking up at the end.