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Man, this profile sure is dusty from lack of :(

Hi there! I'm the author of the webcomic "The Fayth". I'm a gentle soul (lol) who lives on the calm shores of Connecticut, USA. (With the exception of Hurricane Sandy)

I love reading interesting comics, whether they be funny/punny, magical, dramatic, or a gay romance. In case you're curious, I'm gay...duh, that should be painfully obvious (guy liking gay stuff etc)

Other stuff I do? Social working, kakayking, fluting, internet surfing, and video games <3

My style? Magically cartoonish :P

If you'd like to contact me, try my e-mail or the Smackjeeves PM system. I don't use social networking sites or online messengers.

--The Fayth Status--
Well, friends, it has been two years since the Fayth had any real update. I'm sad to say that at this time I have not worked on my baby for some time and I honestly don't see myself doing so in the near future. I"m sorry to all those that may be dissapointed :(
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Hey guess what that is. Wrongful Termination, that's what. Bet nothing's gonna come of it, but if I was fired for something as bizarre as this, you better believe I'd be lawyering up!
lmao oh come on, Iro! Try harder, you dense jellybean! The answers are so obvious, I just want to shake you!!!
An investigative reporter, mayhaps?
Hah! I had a feeling. How delightfully devilish <3
In his pocket! Can you imagine carrying a knife like that in your pocket?! Damn near stab his balls off for every misstep!
that was great!
Someone really liked that pie!
omg this is so awesome!!
Toriel just realized she left the oven on.
Ha! I just realized all the other characters are now two dimensional. As if her perspective of the world is incomplete, nice touch.
Oh man, that smile in the last panel!
@SoulRaider116: What about an undeserved air of superiority. That always gets me lol
Man, that pink cat mask strikes fear into the heart of all enemies.
Uh-huh, "bromancing"
That collar just made sense to me now. I'm disappointed in myself for not getting that sooner.
lol yeah, good jorb~!
Just floatin' around, being all evil.