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I'm on DeviantArt ^^;

I enjoy writing, drawing, reading, Anime and J-Pop. I hate happy people, vegetables and rap-heavy metal. -hope i didnt offend anyone. its just my opinion.

I also babble a lot and I'm pretty lazy. :)
And I have a Youtube channel, though atm it's mostly vids of my doggies ^^;
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@kuki-chan I've never heard of her... You've made me curious now! I think I need to go look it up ^.^
@Eternalxsnow & @Shiuze thank you ^_^= I'm glad to be back drawing this manga
omg... long time in coming right? Ok, I'm back to doing this manga but there's no saying when I'll update - drawing is a hobby of mine and not exactly related to what I want to do as a career so, I am sorry. I'll update when I can find the time :) Not to mention I have 3 manga to do now OTL
Nope, not creepy at all. After all, a mangaka is happy when their readers are happy, right? ;) I want to do another fanart - this time of the present version of Spades but alas, it must wait until I buy a tablet... which is when I'm supposed to start work on my mangas again... and which is also after i pay the bond for my next house...

@Faithless.Child LOLZ "his rape face" everybody has them and you're right, that's one sexy rape face :D
I knew I was excited about Spades' entrance, but hell, never expected to totally pee myself and giggle D:
No, I would totally climb in there. Even if I didn't know there was a hot guy waiting for me. Even if it was just going after my homework - it's the principal y'know. No silly black demon takes my bag and gets away with it!
etc. etc.
I was really hoping one day you would come back. :D So many people are glad to have you, because really, I had to be one of the most upset when I expected to hear back about my fanart and instead heard you'd... well, 'poofed' :| Anyway, all's well that ends well, as they say ;)
Yay! I do love reading this manga - it's so entertaining :D

But you may like to know if you haven't already noticed - that in panel 3 you can see through the guys head into the ceiling. Ooooh I knew he was an airhead! lolz XD
@brooke9000 Umm. How to explain? He sort of 'claimed her' in a way so now she's his marionette - I shouldn't explain anymore because of the storyline ^^; Gotta try not to wreck it >.>

@Eden I'll be updating once I get a new tablet - my old one doesn't work any longer ;__; Should be in early Aug?? Sorry about that... >.>

@xx3OH3xx Yup, meant to be creepy. Gotta admit, I like creepy. Creepy is good. lol :3

@XxBloodxAlicexX Yes, I did estimate I'd be able to afford a new tablet by now but I spent that money on a second puppy... ^^; The next page will now be out mid-september - I apologise. I'm weak against the cuteness of puppies D:
And I might need to explain since it's hard to tell: The light shines on an angle that makes Haru's sunglasses less opaque so she can see his vertical pupils...
I did try to tone it guys... but with only a mouse, it wasn't turning out well! I'll tone it when I get a new tablet - I didn't really want to submit the old version of this because it would look too weird in comparison to the rest - at least this way, it's obvious it's a WIP >_>; OTL
Also, more pages after this are finished so... I thought you'd appreciate it
I will be putting up the next page soon - I'm just choosing now to re-edit it...! lol
I've been looking for ages for a really good comic to obsess over and I finally found one XD omg I can't believe it took me so long to find this lol I should do a fanart someday
If I were her... I'd assume that my son suspected a girl was trying to make him fall in love with her and he wanted to know for sure...? :/
@CGsomnium: thank you :) lol btw I've been sitting here for ages like a zombie watching your avatar dance @___@

@Ai Ataru: Thank you, Hayashi is a main character so you will see more of him. He isn't just an everyday student >.>
Sorry guys for taking down the comic for months on end... >_> I lost motivation.
But I find that I do really love this comic and the characters, so I hope to continue it.
Ah *smiles* kindred spirits! lol jk - You seem to have run out of motivation and I do that too. Life is busy also (I haven't really started my comic and I intended to a year ago or so... >.> ) Well , I will watch your comic because I luff the arts, I do hope you're better at getting back on track than I am :) Because I would so love to read this <3
I like her dress design! I want one O.O I wouldnt mind having 'him' either... >.>
Your lineart is veryyy smooth! I wish I could do lineart like that ._. And dust bunny? xD that's cute!
NB- Read right to left! Thank you