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I like mario,sonic,sports,and megaman games.I like the megaman series because of "mario vs sonic vs megaman".
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That's got to hurt. I bet Luigi is going to make fun of Mario again.
Comic Rating
I Really enjoyed reading this comic.This is my first comic review so here goes:
Everything was perfect,just the only thing i really don't get was whole commentator revenge thing.So this what i think for the comic.
I thought he wasn't in the game.I saw someone face a different boss gray devil.Probably a texture hack.
sprite help
@.:AuraX:.: Maybe you can help me.I don't know what program to use in order to create a sprite for myself.Can you help? What program is the best for this,And does it require downloading/uploading to get the sprites?
@.:AuraX:.: sorry about that i deleted that comic since i can't do anything about it.
Yellow devil
@The_mad_one:Stop saying the yellow devil is in the game.He is not in the game.It's someone else okay.So can people,please stop saying the this boss is the yellow devil which is not!I know who it is,but I'm not going to say it.
I know this has nothing to do with this page but, everyone who has done/or is doing a sonic sprite comic come here:
To Director:I noticed that in chapter 7 of Mega you are using the 8-bit sprites instead of the 16-bit sprites.Why is that?