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Just call me Rabbit.
I like BL/GL collabs, so if you're starting one up let me know.
My drawing style varies a lot so I hope that isn't a problem for anyone reading my comics/collabs. <3
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I'm awful w lighting but!!! still playing around with Elya and her whole aesthetic
Just doodling Blue to get used to drawing him! Sorry it's weirdly cropped I'm used to drawing on a square canvas for instagram rip
How much is that doggy in the window...
Name: Blue

Species: Werewolf

Age: 29

Orientation: Gay

Personality: Easy going sort of guy, he gives off a bit of a "bro" vibe. Blue likes to relax, drink a beer and maybe go out for a hunt on the weekends. He doesn't really like to fight or argue with people and if they get annoying, he just smiles at them until they give up trying to yell at a brick wall. Blue doesn't like to rock the boat and just goes along with most things.

History: Blue was born a werewolf, and raised lovingly by his family. His family left their pack years before, tired of the drama and instability of their pack. They lived in the mountains and kept their secret to themselves, giving Blue a relatively normal upbringing. Blue takes great pride in being a werewolf and doesn't view himself as any sort of monster. In his words "Man, my bones and muscles rearrange themselves at will how metal is that"

-Wasting time

-Long, boring activities
-People speaking down to him like an idiot/dog
-People thinking he can't control himself
-The weird knots he gets in his hair between shifts


Hey guys! This is my boy Blue. I haven't been in a collab in awhile and I've missed it a lot so!
Elya "Egg" Proctor

27 years old [17 years old during the prologue]


Cis Woman

5'9 / 5'11 in heels

Elya is the descendant of a victim of the Salem Witch Trials in Massachusetts and her family eventually settled in the Midwest of America. She got everyone into witchcraft during high school because of stories she heard from her family. Elya was the only one who remained in their town of Haven as the years went by. She learned that magic was real from her aunt and has been using what she knows to help the town.

-Elya is the one who sent out the red letters to gather everyone home
-She really likes Herring
-She likes to go around town and try and put wards and things around to help the people in town
-She's really out of depth and not sure how to fix all of this, but tries to act cool and mysterious. This can lead to her getting angry when she's confronted with how lost she is.
Here's the blank sheet ! Try and keep the dimensions 800px wide or it won't fit on the website

Info needed:

How sweet !! I love the poison >:)
Name: Tryx
Age: 26
Height: 6'2
Weapon(s) of choice: Guns and knives
Background: Taken from his family at a young age by his mentor, Tryx's view of the world is skewed. He doesn't know why his mentor "saved" him from his family, but he loves him for it. He grew up watching his mentor kill for money and fun. Now Tryx views killing and hurting/being hurt as a form of love/affection. The world of killing is all he really knows.
-Joker-esque, but more sweet. Sort of.
-Childlike idea of right and wrong.
-Bored easily
Weapon(s) of choice:
-No good guys, double agents, etc.
-18+ characters only
-Be nice
-You must have skype/be able to join the skype group
-Join the Skype Group. This is how we communicate on who's doing pages, share art and chat, it's vital for the comic. PM Rabbit or SideProject and we can add you to the group chat.

-18+ characters only. No kids, sorry, not even if they won't be drawn in sexual situations.

-Be nice. Just, really, be nice.

-Female Identifying characters, partial or fully identifying. This is a GL collab after all.

-No GodModding. No, your character doesn't control the whole forest, no you can't hypnotize another character to do what you want.

-When in doubt, ASK! If you want your character and another character to interact, ask the owner. Before you draw your characters having sex and/or kissing? Ask the owner. Make sure the person is okay with the thing you are doing.
Megara showing off how swole she is
Rest In Pieces Megara you will be missed
Aela has entered, but her plan had a little interruption.

Also Megara has never seen ""human"" ears, aka-non pointed ears
I love her dress and hair!!!!!!! Super cute
i hope this is legible omg
Can u tell i was really lazy coloring that bg.....
She's so cute!!!!! I love her hair and her skirt omg
Species: Ogre
Age: Somewhere around 100
Height : 4'7"
Likes: Hunting, cold/dark places, mud
Dislikes: Swimming, being tied up, loud sounds
Sexuality: Lesbian

-Always barefoot
-Super strong
-Lives in the Crystal Caves
Looks awesome !!