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I've been sketching and doodling ever since I could hold a pencil. I enjoy basic and very cartoony styles but can find enjoyment in all forms of media.
When I am not sketching I like playing video games, writing, making comics and listening to simple music. I am a restaurant floater who wants to become a doctor.
Be squirreltastic to the world and the world will be squirreltastic to you.
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    Neil Blue
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@Shard: You're pretty good at this. Tracing my art styles as far back as possible, Floria's design is indeed inspired by Sonic Adventure art work.
I'm sure if you stalk my DA account, you can find other designs that Floria drew inspiration from.
@IamBlair: I like heavy rain and cold air, but I'm not much into wind.

@witswithme: Begone with your wind powers!
@IamBlair: It's strange to see it in modern movies or shows too, but it's often present in making someone look tough. While there currently is not rating increases on smoking in any media, it's not usually encouraged because it's impressionable and parents don't like that.
I could kind of see how it would be a problem if it were a program aimed at children where the main character who is meant to be a role model was smoking.
@IamBlair: Maybe they're little LED candles.

@Shard: He's a rad dude with a bad 'tude.

@KinglyPeasant: Um, actually, you'll find it's the classic PS Wii60 controller. Thank you!
@KinglyPeasant: Forgot to use incognito mode!
Every now and then I get a little bit lonely and you're never coming 'round.
@IamBlair: Blair recognizes that although she can like things, they might not be socially acceptable.

@Shard: << Give this lady an internet cookie.
@IamBlair: The splash was meant to be more like a fog from the rain hitting those areas.
In my actual reference sheets, Floria has seven spikes of hair going around her head.

@Shard: oNlY a TRuE aRtisT cAN dRaw sTUfF fRoM MEmory reFeREncES ArE foR n00bs
Just kidding, I look up stuff like poses and reference room maps all the time. I mostly need to work on special effects, strange angles, and vanishing points.

@witswithme: I hope you're BEARY pre-BEARED for an UNBEARABLE BEAR of a comic! Next page we go BEARZERK!
@IamBlair: Motion Plus controls.
Judges will act in a fair and unbiased manner.

@Shard: He does what he wants.
@IamBlair: Fix'd. It's Rooke.

@KinglyPeasant: Squid ink spaghetti, actually.
@Shard: Well, your presence is appreciated!

@KinglyPeasant: That darn weasel!
@IamBlair: Fix'd!
Floria's a gal who likes to snooze.

@Shard: Woah, long time no see!
Well, that escalated quickly.
I'll ask again about how you go about making your backgrounds.
How do you go about making your backgrounds?
Amber nearly dies every week.
C'mon, guys.
@witswithme: These puns are EGGSactly what you read my comic for, right?
@IamBlair: Shippers gonna ship.

@KinglyPeasant: Maybe you'd prefer firefox?
@IamBlair: I've seen some pretty funky abodes in my day.