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I've been sketching and doodling ever since I could hold a pencil. I enjoy basic and very cartoony styles but can find enjoyment in all forms of media.
When I am not sketching I like playing video games, writing, making comics and listening to simple music. I am a restaurant floater.
Be squirreltastic to the world and the world will be squirreltastic to you.
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    Neil Blue
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RIP Hedgey.
I've read somewhere that some people really like being farted on.
I don't get it.
Down right freaky!
I especially like Saki here!
I mean, beavers are good at building stuff, but for a front-line army? I don't know...
@dyohna: That awkward moment when you're shown photos of you drowning your twin.
@IamBlair: Poolmanez is the older brother of Pool Man. Actually, he'd probably go by Millpool.

@Shard: Yes.
@IamBlair: He's not the only cute thing in the comic.

@Shard: Floria was the cute mascot!
@IamBlair: There will come a day when we need consent to watch peoples dreams.

@Shard: He can if he believes he can!
@IamBlair: Pool Man is no fool, man.

@Shard: It's a legit transformation. More of an obvious one like Breezy.
@IamBlair: That's so hot!

@Shard: -aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-
Glenn's mom was a beaver, right?
This is canon. It's canon now.
I don't know if I've written this before, but I really admire you for not doing a copy-paste and just tweaking the characters face for every panel.
I didn't even know penguins had teeth!
She's dancing to a Skrillex Dubstep Remix.
@IamBlair: Blair doesn't need to know.
Will fix soon!

@Shard: You used to be able to but with the new management, it's only coffee. MEDIUM coffee.
@IamBlair: She's got an oral fixation and she'd appreciate it if you didn't draw attention to it.

@StanleyComics: Darn. I forgot my mantra.

@Shard: Would you believe me if I told you that Noodle is a small tweaking of an actual IRL name?
@IamBlair: Yeah, he's like that.

@witswithme: He came from here.
@IamBlair: All aboard the Neil+Blair ship?
@IamBlair: Therapy cures everything.
Got a messy rug? Therapy!

@Shard: bruh ur so deep i cnat even c u