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I've been sketching and doodling ever since I could hold a pencil. I enjoy basic and very cartoony styles but can find enjoyment in all forms of media.
When I am not sketching I like playing video games, writing, making comics and listening to simple music. I am a restaurant floater who wants to become a doctor.
Be squirreltastic to the world and the world will be squirreltastic to you.
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Wait, they're actually enjoying each others company!?
@IamBlair: Enter the cape and receive a free hug!

@KinglyPeasant: Thank you, sir. Just another 100 to go and I'm there!

@witswithme: The product comes with everything you see here. Polar Bears not included.
@IamBlair: Maisy's parents are the real villains.
@IamBlair: Just try and think of them as giant grapes!
@IamBlair: She found them behind a dumpster!
Plot twist: Naima is actually as strong as you'd expect from a child, the others are all just too scared to go so they threw the match to her.
@IamBlair: Who needs cake when you have toothpaste!?

@witswithme: What DID she mean?
@IamBlair: Judging by the previous page, that would be Russer.

@witswithme: She'll wash your back if you wash hers.
She be trippin'.
@IamBlair: I ship Floria with... Herself. Can I do that? FloriaxFloria?

@witswithme: Don'tcha mean... Polatic? <3
@IamBlair: Floria's mostly just feeling nervous and shy, and is therefore only having a maybe sorta okay time.

@Hero of Comedy: Give this man a cookie! I didn't think anyone would get the inspiration so quickly. Bert is the design, and Ernie is the colouring.
@IamBlair: Yeah, those would be the basic qualities of those two.
How is a comic not an "actual comic?"
Darn it, Ryan! Stop drawing pictures with words and stories, and start drawing ACTUAL pictures with ACTUAL words and ACTUAL stories.
@ryank_119: I'm very sorry.
@IamBlair: It might just be her somewhat shy nature.

@witswithme: Good guess, but not quite a prom.
@IamBlair: Not me!

@witswithme: What? Nah, that'd never happen!
Finally! This is easily the longest issue I've done for Nick Polar Bear, and I debated chopping it up into two issues, but it looks like you get one long issue clocking in at 34 pages. Consider my average is about 20.

This cover was done by KinglyPeasant who you can stalk with the links below!

All dressed up with no place to go.
Introducing some of Floria's friends! Okay, maybe only Maisy is her friend, but the night is still young.
The screen tone is by dontdothatchaos.
I hoping there's little to no confusion about that first panel, but Henry and Floria are trying to pop a balloon by squishing it between them. The others are doing it too, I just wanted to keep the visuals simple. Also, for the curious about the lyrics on the karaoke screen they read "Tonight's the night for you and me, baby. I know it's true because you and I are, baby."