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I'll be moving soon with a link to where I'm going.
I'm here for now though.

A tip for Santa:
I like the Christmas Card illustrations, but if you want to make me something I could use as a cover for Nick Polar Bear, that would be very rad.
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@IamBlair: That explains everything!
@IamBlair: If an egg floats, it's not fresh.

@Shard: You're a sharp one!
It's a close relative, as there are some key physical difference like the end of the tail.
Grief. It's real. It's hard. It sucks.
Better times are coming for the heroes, I promise.

Smackjeeves is getting a major overhaul and essentially losing its community as well as each comics identity, so Nick Polar Bear will be moving to another site.
Please stay tuned for details. That said, you can always find me on Deviant Art which is not as easy to navigate for comics, but hey. It's there.
Rye in a bikini! It's what you all have always wanted and PM'd me for months about!
(JK, no one ever pm's me.)

Also, let me know if this is too hard or too easy.
The photo is just to illustrate that time is passing.
Nick doing a flex. Stay humble.
You've been in the sauna for 4 days.
When you get a game over in Majora's Mask, the first thing the Happy Mask Sales Man says to you when you fully wake up is "How did you do?" and that line stuck with me for some reason. I thought it would be fitting for Pool Man to lean in close and say that as you open your eyes. He likes to be quirky.
This is just Nick Polar Bear thinking out loud to himself.
I considered doing his face reflected in the Essence, but I thought it make things unclear. I'm not really skilled enough of an artist to pull it off without explanation.
Practice, practice, practice!
Imagine the comic without any colour. It might be really hard to tell the two apart.
The tables have turned!
I got to tell you, it felt weird drawing Nick Polar Bear punching the Dream Nick.
I picture the water in here to be a lot colder than it looks. What was making all that smoke above?
Dreams are like that sometimes.
"Don't call anyone!"
- Christian Weston Chandler
Little Neil strikes!
I am aware I drew the bed way too small for two adults to share. Sorry.
The grounds are starting to look more like the traditional style of the comic.
Every time we get together with Bird tragedy strikes!
Dude just swiped my sister!