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Call me Piper!

I take great pride in all my very many Characters and their stories, and I hope I can share with you some of them in comic form!

You can find me here as well:


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    Piper Lukehart
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haha aug 1st is my boyfriends birthday! happy late birthday to james and the pupper
As someone who has followed this comic since before the reboot, this is highly satisfying
Imo I took the last panel as them kinda breaking down a bit. They brushed off them recounting those memories as "no big deal" but I think it was hard for them to do.

There might be more to Louie and Chip's story, since they weren't around the other skull people then, there's probably some more from Louie's PoV, like how he got involved in smuggling the skull people to the storage dimension.
ah it feels so long since we've seen our main three! the hype is real!
this is really great haha

I've really enjoyed reading your comic and I'm super nervous/excited for whats to come! keep on keeping on bro.
Wow! Never thought i'd see this update again! Welcome back ^.^
daw hobo <3 He's a good guy.
Aw little kid otto is so cute. Though, and this could just be me, his nose seems a tad big for a kid, especially one around, I'ma say 8 or so? Sorry, it's such a little thing but it makes his face look older than the rest of him.
@The_Hankerchief: I think we should call it your grave
oh my gosh I love this
This page is really awesome xD
Maybe he's just new? This kinda thing happened a lot when I first started working at Sonic.
hey there was a storm where i live too. it was inteeense.
Yeah but thats when you announce it like it IS the most fun thing ever! I'm a college kid so there's even more pressure to be like, "going out to party!" or "Go drinking!" and I'm just like, "I'MA GO HOME AND SLEEP FOOLS! CAUSE THATS WUT I LOVE TO DO! MAKES ME HAPPY!" and then I have a great weekend being a little shut-in, reading and drawing and not worrying XD
Totally worth it! gosh darn FINALLY. I'm happy for those two.
Nice page <3 I'm really looking forward to getting to know Miss Blue.

But i must point out that there's an "s" missing from "Diagnostic" in the fourth panel. Just letting you know ^^