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I am Gol, Golgotha, Edelweiss, STM or whatever. I'm a junior quantity surveyor for a sub-contractor firm but my real passion lies in writing (not that I don't like my job of course). I enjoy rugby, cycling, walking, photography (very, very amateur photography), music, drinking, guitar, gaming and all that jazz. :)
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Uh oh, is someone hooked?
Ten years! I've only known about it for two but hey ho, keep it up dude, hope it doesn't take another ten years to end!!
this is traumatic
page 2 is so perfff
October 30th, 2015
welcome back, missed this :< so glad I didnt unsub
February 15th, 2015
January 3rd, 2015
This is friggin' adorable. Pretty much childhood in one single comic strip right there.
Ah fantastic, I'll try and buy one when I get paid at the end of month if I have anything left post-dental bills. X3

Yeah Leeds is a bit of a trip for me but if you ever find yourself at a London expo I'll try and get a ticket. America was great thanks, weird to be back, missing the girlfy though haha.

I keenly await any future comic-related noos. >.,>
Aww geez, I don't think I can get up to Leeds very easily what with not having a car at the moment...but I'd love to buy the comic! Is there a way we can purchase them online (volume one included)?

Also make sure you keep us all updated if you're going to do another comic any time soon. >.> I need moar.
October 18th, 2014
@ErrePi: God damn it what now they're getting on? Stop making me feel the things. >:U
October 11th, 2014
Aww lookit him, not wanting to be nice and shiz.

So glad your comic is back. :')
October 4th, 2014
Noooooooooooo my favourite comic is over! D:

I might have to pull an Annie Wilkes and have you do another series. >.>

Seriously though this was such an awesome comic. I've been reading it over a period of my life where I've experienced immense change myself. In a weird way it kinda post-marks a new period in my life haha. God I'm such a hipster.

So, plans for anything new now? Or giving yourself plenty of time to relax? :P
Man, you at last get a feel for just how bad Ruth was hurt, I mean it's like she's been bottling it up for a while now. In this situation you really don't want to talk about it with your significant other so I mean, I guess she's really had no outlet, can't exactly explain it to pink top now they're a thing...look at me analysing fictional people though.


Seriously though, all the feels! Seems weird to have the story come to a close...I wasn't there from the start but I remember reading the first 500ish pages in the space of one day. :P
I honestly couldn't have thought of a more poignant end if I had tried. The last panel invokes some really powerful emotions, the sheer levity of the situation from such a simple gesture as turning and walking away from one another. I don't really know what to say about that, you can probably infer my sentiment. It's nice to see you wrapping up the comic in as strong as way as you wrote it, it's carried itself very strongly. Once I get back to the UK I'll have to pester you for links to buy the physical copies. :)
Ooooh Blythe's a hedonist. >w>

But fuckin' time Pink Top. >:C
Wait so they're still not together? Gawwwwwwd! >:C
Nooooo way, when I get back to the UK at the end of next month I'll need to grab myself a copy!!
Oh god Janey is fucking exactly like someone I used to know except 100,000% less of a bitch. XD

Seriously I'm looking at this comic just like, ahhhh Blake the feels.

I need to get my gf to start reading this comic tho...must share tSoBS with someone, even if it is a leeeeetle late.