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I likes Dragons....Ummm...Yaoi, yuri, curry....Especially Lamb Curry.
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Not sure what I was expecting...
@Pandapal: deaddove.jpg
Ember down the hole!
Ember down the hole!
And then....
Atticus hurriedly ran back for he had realized that he had dropped his precious cigarettes that were IN HIS BAG.
Hey George...
If you wanna convince Atticus, tell him the grand prize is a life time supply of cigarettes!
The pens....
Zubat used leech life on them didn't he? I hate that bat.
"He looks you in the eyes and gets to battle you."

Atty, its time to invest in some shades.
Atty, screw pokebattling. Beat this wanker up and take all his money. DO IT.
Dead Like Me
George can be short for Georgia, like in Dead Like Me as someone said above. Great series.
The odds
The odds are slim to none but if DT wins this, omnomnom delicous exp.

Seriously, DT would practically evolve from that battle if he won.
Even if he does beat it...
Atty has to beat all six. That's how it goes. I bet DragonThing will beat up Feralgator but will then get knocked out by the guy's second pokemon.
Who I think it is
Ufufufufu...My prediction is...

Lady Gaga.

Or that punk from Gold and Silver.
Is broken!
You have the bad image source! Or so the thumbnail says when I click it. The image ain't workin' D:
@ r-o-t-a
They diss you and make you feel like a loser. I've lost to one before. I know the battles in the beginning don't result in the game over but later rival battles they do.
lol Andy's like you made me bleed my own blood!! D:<

I love this.
omgrammesteiniloveyou :D
November 20th, 2009
Let's just hope his pants aren't dead.

So sad.
Your line work is amazing. I have to ask,
do you use the compute to ink in your lines or a pen?
lol phone
I was surprised too at how almost noone commented on the phone comment.
I just thought of it more as that they were conjoined but like one being, like one does the seeing and one does the hearing and that's how it works.