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Oh dear, what am I doing?! someone stop me before I make a fool of myself! I can't art! D:
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@NioiTakoNoki: FFS IT'S ONLY AGILITY X3! X3!!!!
Really? A motorcycle? With agility x3 I would think that it would have been something a little faster, like a mach jet.... Or a photon.
@NioiTakoNoki: Everything you draw ;u;
Better looking? Explains Nye's mask then! WAHAHAHAH!
Hoothoot actually does have two legs, it just uses one at a time and switches between them rapidly when it shifts feet. Ah but that's just me being picky, sorry. It does explain why I thought I saw a second beak on the other page though!
Dang though that's gotta be tough for just about... Everything really. Now I can't help but wonder what she would look like as a Dodrio....
@NioiTakoNoki: *Final fantasy victory music in background*
@NioiTakoNoki: D-did I get any of the possible parents right?
Hrmm... The neck and legs are reminiscent of Doduo, while the fluff, tail, wings and beak make me think that Braviary is another possible parent species, but the coloration looks Fearow to me... And this is assuming both parents were flying-types! Ah... This is fun, investigating like this.
@NioiTakoNoki: You're talking to the guy who makes, breaks, and kills off his book's characters faster than his heart beats. I think I can handle a few extra characters.
@NioiTakoNoki: I KNOW! I think... Roughly around 2 years? Maybe a bit more? I dunno, I was just kinda floating around in limbo all that time. I am ashamed that I have fallen behind on a comic of one I call friend and failed to stay in touch OTL
Aaaaand caught up. MAN it has been way too damn long since I tried catching up on my comics. (Probablydontremembermebutalthesame)Hi Peaches!
I remember making the suggestion about 'im... Eheheh... I'm rather partial to the Runtz jelly beans, the purple ones at that!
I'd say a double-team, agility, or swords dance followed up with probably x-scissor should make the fight a quick win without a bullet in the back. Here's hoping Scyther lives to become a Scizor ;_;
You just need a three step plan.
Step 1. Stab the person.
Step 2. Hide the boxy, whether or not they are dead.
Step 3. Disregard steps 1 and 2.