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The yojobean likes to write and draw, and the effects of this show above. She spends most of her time avoiding real life, but will talk to you if you talk to her. I mean, if you really want to... *shy*

Otherwise, she is up for commission for pretty damn cheap. Her link floats in the web site area, or just make copy pasta with this:
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Easily the greatest villain name. The corny irony of it. 100% pure awesome.
I want him to be epic levels of badass just for the name alone.
I should have done these comments comments before...

Skriptkitty : Because yield signs are hilarious. It's notable that Nikkolas was born 'neath a luminous yield sign in the sky. A trucker hit it. Went through the window. Traumatized the doctor for life. Yep.

Sweetass : Leave me alone. I'[m awesome. FUCK. Leave me alone. My typoing skills are legendary.
Hm. This was supposed to be colored. Annnnd I was going to fix my portrait up thar. I did neither. I sucking fuck. Well, onwards.

MAH SORRIES TO YOU ALL. SAWBAN isn't dead. Rock Candy isn't dead. It's not even comatose. It is, in fact, quite well and alive. The word order there should have been reversed. I have several awesome pages drawn, including some feelah by sweetass (WOOOOOOOOT!). I just haven't had internet access or, it seems, my scanner. Or free time. I got a job. I am now a Wal*Mart sow. I mean cattle. I mean employee. There we go. So yes. Stuff. I go more in depth on this on the Rock Candy update. You shoud all go there and read it. I promise that I'm HIGH LARRY US. That is all. The end. I am sorry and, obviously, a liar about endings.
Seedless-acorn: Tonka wheels. HOHOHOHO. I need other toy brands. Fisher-Price. It shall be.

Morgan K. : You know what's awesome? My mom does, too. ...But I'm the creator. ;_;

Abild : I'm glad other people think this is funny, since I mostly think I'm just losing my mind while drawing it. YOUR LAUGHTER IS LIKE OLIVES! And by olives, I do of course mean power. Your laughter -- here we go now, back on track -- gives me POWER! POWAH! POWAAAHHHHH!

... Nope, I think I lost my mind on this one.

There should be an update next weekish, if I can manage it. I might have to body slam my Sweetass into helping a yojo out (mannnnnn).
This update brought to you by the lovely STRIPED ORANGE SOCKS! *wild, crazy-ass cheering*
GODDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN. So. Sorry first for anyone offended by blasphemy, and second for the WONDERFUL UPDATES I've been keeping up on. Aren't they lovely? Did you like Georgie's antics, his beatdown of Jack(ass), Summer's girly transformation sequence, etc? I know I did. Those pages were AWESOME. In my head, anyway. Because they haven't happened. Because I'm not %#@*&$*(@ updating.
There's an explanation for it, I SWARES. No, seriously. I got a JOB. I joined the mindless, cattle-like ranks of the Employed By Wal*Mart.
But that's not my only reason. There are other reasons, too, involving death, drama, and making the summer migration back out of my uncle's house and into my own.

Dude, people. I had TWO jobs. That's crazy. For those of you who have done that, or know those who did, MAJOR FUCKING SYMPATHY. How!? HOW!? Good lord, HOW!?

And stuff. Also, updates will continue, but much more sporadically. I know, weird, especially since Rock Candy wasn't supposed to be even half as popular/well-maintained as my others and it is now consuming me -- body, mind, and soul. So, yeah. Es tut mir leid.
MY SINCEREST APOLOGIES. This is a couple o' days late because of major artist failure. We're sending it in and hoping for a new one. Slash...
So, yeah. I suck. Busy, busy. I became employed and such. I miss being a societal leech/leach. My spelloing skiells are going; it's the first sign of senility. Join me.
But yes. Job. Loss of personal internet access. Updates will be sporadic, but IT WILL HAPPEN. IT WILL HAPPEN. WE WILL SURVIVE.

(If sweetass doesn't comment on this, I'm kicking her ass. AND SO SHOULD YOU.)

By the way, does anyone feel enamored of the previous nonpage?
Yeah? I'm going to draw something dumber that better fits her personality. Because those flowers are just too cute for her. They should have been reserved for Bretty and Nikko. Hahahha, I first typed Bretty and Banny, then corrected it with Nikki. HAHAHHAhahaha, good times.
The style is constantly changing, but I want it to look good. I was again struck by the urge to color this, but I haven't the patience for it. Not that I want LoM to be colored; black and white pleases me.
Rikael's a jerk.

So I have interviews this week; LoM, and everything else included, might be slow on updating if I get a job. Don't fear! For I am still here! Just too damn busy... ;_;

*hardcore nudgasms*
I've been reading a lot of manga lately. It's beginning to reinfluence my art style. This is going to impact Light of the Moon, I know it. (SCROLL DOWN!)

In other news, I have two interviews this week. I'm being forced to get a real job, and while I'm excited about that, I'm upset that drawing will no longer be a priority. So if I vanish, that's why. I'll make sweetass post fillers for me. Because my comics can be done still. You know. As a hobby. Not my attempts at eventually making money off it. ;_;

*nuds y'all* *nuds y'all* *nuds y'all*
Dude, this b!tch still hasn't introduced herself! But she's GFS. You're just supposed to have heard of her. Yeah, Geraldine Frances-Scott. Seriously not based on any one actual boss.

So . . . In other news, I have two interviews this week. I need to make a minimum of $131 this week to not lose my sister's medicaid. So, ah, anyone wanna randomly buy $131 of commissions? Every single week? For the rest of my life? No? DAMNATION.
Anyway, if all goes well, updates might go all funny, the way they did for FINAL STAKES (scroll down, scroll down!).

... *nuds you all with spoons*
I need to do something about the time this site says it is compared to the actual time. I think I'm setting it up to update later, when clearly it's updating immediately.

Anyway, I've been pretty busy this last week, and this has led me to be a bit, ah, absent-minded? So I'm sitting there drawing, tralalala, enjoying my moderate to average victories over perspective and foreshortening, when I take a moment to actually look at and read what I'm doing. I says to myself, I says, "Heyyy, did I skip something?" So I double check the script and, Lo! I skipped a whole page. An entire page. Damn.

In other news, I have two interviews this week. I need to make a minimum of $131 this week to not lose my sister's medicaid. So, ah, anyone wanna randomly buy $131 of commissions? Every single week? For the rest of my life? No? DAMNATION.
Anyway, if all goes well, updates might go all funny, the way they did for FINAL STAKES (scroll down, scroll down!).

... *nuds you all with spoons*
Here's hoping it wins! If it does well, are you going to put up the last pages? Lots of us would be thrilled to know what happens next! <3
If it's not one browser failing me, it's the other. The pages have been getting worse, but I swear they'll get better, too.
Did I introduce you all to this lady/gentleman? It'll introduce itself on the next page.

Nikko, that's my sign!

Sweetass, my heart, I must visit you. We have much to speak of.
I love Georgie's face in the last panel. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.

Does/had anyone read Kuroshitsuji? Damn, but I love that manga. I'd like to see the anime, too, but have yet to find it. <3 <3 <3

Striped Orange Socks - I'm still using it.
And thank you for the support. ;_; I miss my babies so. There's still an older striped cat, though, so she's gettin' some Catlady love lavished on her. <3 <3 <3
Hahah, bah, but I'm just complaining about my ignorance. I literally started drawing not-people in the last two years, so it's not something I'm going to grasp immediately. But SOON. Sooooon. And if I can top that with an actual visit somewhere other than Middle of Nowhere, then wootage. WOOTAGE. :D :D :D
Murr. Murr. Gimp froze every three minutes. DAMN YOU, GIMP.
Part of me still likes the original one, the one with Rikael crouching with his dragonfly blade. But this one is more colorful, and it does have the kid, so I guess it's okay. Plus it has the title written the way it was supposed to be written!
One, I've never been in a city before, and that shows. Sure, you can find pictures online, but they're all obviously kind of flat; they don't help a body get a mind for drawing them. I just haven't a head for it. ;_;

Two, I forgot to draw people in the last panel. How does one do that? How? Damn, but I'm awesome. Sorry, y'all. LOSER.

Three, this is White City. It's moderately new, post Howling Night. That's why all the buildings are white. In case anyone was curious. >.>
Hahahah, wait, do you mock me!?
>.> ... <.<
Are you saying you want mutant fingers? He's secretly a Changed, but even with those posters, no one has noticed. Shh. Tell no one. Shhhhh.
Okay, I suck at hands. Still, tell no one. Shh. Shhh. Shhhhhhhitttt.
This is technically a DOOP page, which is to say that it's done, it's up, it's going to be replaced with a better version. I'm about to have a lot of free time, so I can fix the colors. Slash, fix the grays.

This page was going to be so awesome. I mean SO AWESOME. And then I got in a hurry. THE KISS OF DEATH. I was going to do something neat with this, something cool with that, and then I realized that my zeal was going ahead without me. OH well. I'm trying to break away from certain habits; a few of the panels . . . suffered for it. BUT GOOD WORD I LIKES TO LEARN IT.
I was thinking about making LoM more shading-intensive. But then I was also thinking about colors. Bah. Indecision. BAH.

I seriously love the kid. LOVE. Mostly because I know what's going to happen to him, and that makes me even more attached. *pets him fondly* Good kiddy. Murhurhurhur!

The next chapter is coming up. I'm excited about catching up to where we were and moving forward. I miss Desuk and his little kitty nosey.

That is all. Novella finished.
It's early, but I have a baby shower to attend later.

This isn't the final version. Later this week, by or before the next update, I'll resubmit the fixed page. The one with toning and shading and . . . the teacher looking a bit better.

One: I love George. He's possibly my favorite character.
Two: My kitten died. There are sad, unspecific details (it wasn't pretty) in the comment box for SAWBAN. Long story short, a dog bit him, and he had to be put down. He was my last kitten. The Catlady is sad. ;_;
Three: I can count this high?

Pentland: <3<3<3<3<3<3 Is your internet okay? I sent the internet meditrician your way to help, but he might have got lost on the way.
<.< >.> Still awesome!

Striped Orange Socks: Every time I go back through to check mah comments, I GET A SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD. I've been singing CAAAAAAAAN YOU FEEL THE LOOOOOOOVE TOOOONIIIIIIIIGHT for . . . days. But, oddly, only the Disney version. Hm.
<3<3<3<3<3 My mutant hearts regrow, so I can afford to give you some more: <3<3<3<3<3