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I am usually bored, but i am very hasty
I will likely put up anything i make in random times if i have stuff to do.
I Love the Pokemon Series
And I like anyone with any form of creativity
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@Jax: Oh, hey Jax. Since your on I was wondering what your opinion is on deadpool-like characters and Deadpool himself.
@Shard: so tea then? I personally prefer coffee.
@Shard: Niv how much coffee have you been through after the now finilly ended trainwreck that was last page....?
@Mopwop: No, there are no more cookies. Niv ate them all in a fit of frustration in the fact that this is still going.
@spark th: Sir This whole page as a whole was a Train-Wreck still in the working that somehow keeps building, Heck Even Niv knew that this would Be a Train-Wreck the moment she posted it
@Shard: Isn't that right Niv?
For the Love of Taco Tuesday!
Apparently you guys save for one or two of you don't realize that when you create an "aware" character that unless that character is deadpool-like, which jax is if you think about it, then that character is just an extension of your will and life in the comic. Sure they can become their own characters but they will still be an extension of YOU. So when a character(s) like RP!Ket is made the extension of multiple people without a medium, then it simply won't work. That's why this was made a plot point in the first place!
Holy Sweet Gender R3vea1 Batman!
If you look Closely at box 11 you will see that the virus refers to EMP as a HER.....HEERR, Emp is a WOMEN!!!WTF!!!
@Shard: never mind didn't take account of the buffer
@Shard: no the one that could be on the next page. this page is done already.
@Shard: Quick Ket, Kick him into the "Meanwhile With Damaru" Panel!
@Shard: Ya Know, There is a simple answer to this Ket. Select.->Right-Click.->Move.->New file(world). preferablly one with a flood of the undead or no intellegent life for miles.
As a side note what programe do you use for spriting I might need to get a new one.
@Shard: you forget that no one knows what they are made of but ket and you, for all we know they could be made of Chuck Norris's tears.
@Shard: for me its 'I see a 1 pixel border, and I see the space between all the borders'
Quick Ket, Use the Un-explainable space between panels as a Shield
On a side note
If you are looking at this page then you will notice the new way I will be handling all of text boxes for now thoughts on the other hand will ether be with out a box of appear in the black space of the page.
For the rest of my summer time I should be able to get in at least 5 or so strips in for comic. So expect more since I am finally free of all work.
@princessprt: The rules are simple
1. there can only be a set number of cameos per chapter. (around 2-3)
2. they must contribute to the story, be it in humor, plot, or simple background noise.
3. i would need to know how the character acts and a current move set for in case of plot relevance.
All Ships Have Just Left Port