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Hi! I'm an illustrator / flatter / colorist / cartoonist.

You can view my portfolio at:

I will quite happily flat or color upon request. If you require paid work, please feel free to message me for details or additional contact information.

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    Daemon Comics
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@edgeblade: Yesh! Glad to be back! I should be updating on a regular basis, too! :)
WIP; but at least I'll be updating regularly. The quality of this comic will be improved upon as I press forward.
Thank you! I really appreciate the comment. :) Unfortunately, I've had to slow down a bit due to life. More updates should be coming up soon, though!
Hi guys! Long story short: a lot happening in my life. Getting back on track - and thinking of doing a split between colored work and toned work.

Chapter covers would be in color, the majority of the chapters would be toned in black and white.

Careful with that first panel; the eyes are looking just slightly derp. ;)
Yeah! The style kind of resembles Wind-Waker cell-shading! I digs it! <3
I know this isn't a big deal to everyone else - but this is the first page of Daemon that is CMYK compliant; printer friendly!
February 6th, 2016
I personally like the term "Guestinor!"
@MercenaryX: Sure, why not. ;)
October 2nd, 2015
Digging the color work! Glad to see you're still posting. :)
@MercenaryX: There is going to be a commentary on the state of America - mostly through insight on the characters from that country. I'm happy with your interest in the setting, though! Success!
By all means, joke away! ;)
Sweet sweet color! The strips were a blast, too!
Just a heads up everyone! I'll be going on vacation for approximately a month soon. Can't really be helped. I'll put up something nice before I head out, though!

Thank you so much, again, for your readership!
Take your time! Well worth the wait! <3
@JinxazuMarai: "Mr. Buff in Blue" ... Hmmmm.. I like that name.
Taaaaa daaaaaaaaa~