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^-^ uninspired author-- would you like to inspire me? ^-^

eww, that sounded dirtier than i intended it to...

basically i'm looking for some inspiration somewhere... maybe i'll find it here...

i know, i know, i have a lot of favorites. it's just easier to keep track of all the comics i read this way. i mean seriously, how else would i remember to check them all? no, seriously, how?

picese, dreamer
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i always thought those two would be good together...
October 26th, 2007
it is fun! and pretty too!
... wow... this is special... in a good way, of course...
haha, lol! :D
awww! it is cute!
but what's so special about the coffee cup?
can't wait to see more!
(actually, i can wait, i just don't want to... but i will anyway... maybe ;P )
... wow, this is deep. i like it.
wait... going backwards now... i thought takuya didn't like katoo for some reason or another cause back awhile ago takuya started to freak out about if tanaka's brother was there and... ughhhh! why didn't he freak out?!?! do they have another brother or something?!?!
:D i luv tanaka!
hope your thumb gets better soon!
oh, what's wrong?
August 31st, 2007
oh, i knew that already! (commenting about the twisted sense of humor) after all, just look at the world.
August 30th, 2007
haha... right mike... they rhyme... hahaha...
ah, i know rich and henry care, but they need to shut up. specially rich, cause he's just jealous that ed got liam faster than he got henry! :D
thank goodness! i've been disconnected from a computer since the 14th at, like, 1 AM in California, so I didn't even realize the comic was in danger! your story line for this comic is so original to me. i really like where it's going. i don't comment on comics often, but i'll try to remember to start commenting on yours more often. if you're ever in need of inspiration, feel free to PM me!
August 18th, 2007
poor unknown hot guy (he's so cute!)!
I'd take that as a "yes."
awww, i think kaze and kale look kinda cute crying. i mean, kale's all embarrassed and blushing (which is always hot), and kaze's like a hot emo type staring off into the distance, all cute and deep with tears streaming down his face, causing you to want to get to know him better, find out what makes him tick.
i feel like the fan girls in the