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I enjoy making comics, though i haven't made any online comics
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    Hillary C.
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HOT DAMN he's so adorable
September 5th, 2014
Man,I think that sandman is trying to take ink away as revenge against boogeyman. Since Jaspar probably is related to sandman but is still boogey's son and sandman just wants boogey to suffer.
I think so far, Kotsu is my fav chara, he's so cute and that smile is to die for, and i love snakes!!!
Looks like shits going down!
November 30th, 2013
Is Ivet a girl with no chest who kicks butt or a guy who has a beautiful waist and likes to wear drag
November 30th, 2013
@basia122: Dark green + white = light green, no I have a feeling that little kid isn't Louie's kid
@Randomkid: it would most likly be he knows them, even if you haven't been to your home country wouldn't you at least know your prince
Seaweed looks so pretty in that dress! She looks like a water bride!
he's like;
I'd rather bust my head than get kissed
His face is a deffinent no.
@Jordi-sama: Way to true, they do apparently tell him to worship satan or even steal souls...
wow Ma is protective over sei.
OMG!!!! Kotsu is so CUTE!!! this is definitly my fav comic!
one is the rabbit An and the other is a ratchick
Kotsu is so nervous...
for a while I thought Oliver was the exocutioner
I am using Rei for my profile pictures!
the april fools joke surprised me!