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I love to game.. I love to draw. But i love you most of all! Ok kidding. Anyhow..
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Well for those who don't understand the slap at the beginning, you must read Todd's comic first.

On page 4 of Todd's comic, Ace gets slapped. And the sound is carried onto my comic, a kind of crossover if you will. Anyway, this page was a little dry but expect better soon. ^__^
smacked like a little bitch
Now thats gotta be the best line ever. I sure laughed
I love Steve. Best character there is. XD
Well this has got to be my best one. This pretty much explains the situation Tsubasa is faced with, and that he's obviously drunk.
I used your Slapping part of your comic, in mine. Just as we planned. =]
Is that meant to be a good thing or a bad thing? XD