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Due to my experience with horses, I gather he probably tied the girth in a way that made it impossible to undo after it tightened, causing it to constrict on the horse's barrel/chest. It could be causing discomfort to the horse's legs, but it's actually probably causing the horse to not breathe correctly; since the horses lungs are located where the girth goes.

However, no idea where they're going with it. But since I own horses, that's probably the best bet~ I could go on a tangent on the possibilities due to my experience with horses. XD But I'd rather sit back and wait to see how these wonderful artist's show us their story~

Great job with the emotion guys! <3 Love the story.
Ahh. I love this comic. Been following it for quite a while >3<

First panel should be, "They left me here," Last, like already stated, should be "I would have done so, don't you think?"

Don't want to sound nit-picky or anything, but thought I'd point it out >3<

Lovely work! <3
Should be decisions~ You have it as desitions right now. o3o

But love page! One of my favorite comics I follow right now~ Definitely can't wait to see more.
Who will awaken our sleeping horse nanny? D:
I lost it at the 'You need to roll for persuasion'. This page is the best.
I wanna laugh, but at the same time...

I wanna hug him.
Everything, Raj. Everything.
Just admit it.

April 15th, 2015
@illumelnati - I'm glad I can come back and be a fan again! <3 It's also awesome to see how much you're art has improved. Can't wait to see more.

Definitely know that feel, though. I don't think there's an in between either haha. I struggle with it every day.
April 13th, 2015
I remember reading the previous Yayoi, was one of my favorite comics, too! I also remember how much I LOVE the way you draw eyes and that has not changed. They are so pretty and expressive.

Love the comic!
Go get'em Rhys!

Yes, definite precious bebes!
I love how Rhys looks >3<
A little thing between Styxxsardonyx and I, with Jena and Rhys.

Only between us, though. O3O

Haha, omg. I feel so bad for Rhys XD

@Epic Chibi

Magic lady is my OC Jena xD
Sweet, I'll get a post up soon!

I want to apologize for like, poofing!
But I really love how you guys kept Tall-Dark-&-Handsome in and interactive. I hit an art block ]:

Anyway, I'm up for rejoining; just tell me the list on who's up >3<

That is, if you'll have me D:
I'm actually really glad you posted hahaha. I couldn't even come up with a reply myself for some reason. o3o

I like what you did with the horsey >3<
WAHA! And it starts!

*Flails and falls and flails some more*

I think I killed myself with coloring this. But I wanted it to look purty D:<

Anyway. Have a Deo.
OR two.
I wouldn't mind posting Cy, though I need to finish his ref. first O3O

I really like the last panel >3<

I have discontinued this 'model' of the story and I am working on a newer, revised version. If you are still interested, please watch my new account.
Sorry for abandoning this x___x