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I don't think I'm kidding here.
These are likely to happen, but remember - context is everything.
Work on this chapter will start early next spring, 2019.

For the rest of 2018, though, I'll be returning to my flagship project, Masazume Wars. Head over there and take a gander! ( )

Also, if you enjoy my content and want to see more, consider supporting me on Patreon! ( ) Just $1 a month gets you access to 300dpi PDFs of all the comics I've uploaded to Smackjeeves so far! That includes Soundless versions - versions with dialogue and SFX removed, uncovering all the art underneath!
We are all family.
Inclusion is the best medicine against the ills of the spirit.
The spirit of service.
No matter who, you're our guest.
Embarrassing parents.
'Cuz parents will always treat you like their li'l baby, no matter how old you grow.
Nervous excitement is in the air.
Y'know that mild anxious feeling you get at the airport, waiting for a flight home after a convention weekend?
A large victory pose to go with it.
Gotta take what you can get.
Looky here, he don't know how to emote
7 out of 10 people in the world don't know how to express their emotions. That's clinical social malady that needs to be addressed.
Is it all too sudden?
Is it too much for young boarders to handle?
A good place to chill your head and refresh.
I miss Japan's bathing culture in my daily life.
Small inspirations come from the unlikeliest of places.
Like from a junior.
It's a place to relax.
Don't bring in the hatin'.
All you can really do is listen.
'Cuz this might be a problem you just can't beat itself into fixing, this time.
It's been half a year, after all.
Some sort of growth spurt should've occurred since that summer, I figured.
A numb despair.
At least I get to spell it out for one character, finally.
When you're not sure what to do anymore
When you think about it, and it hits you...
When eyes tell you everything.
I have to respect the engravers who were responsible for producing the original dollar prints for the US Mint.
Cross-hatching is NOT quick and easy.
...the rest follow.
How impatient.
This is why things've been quiet recently.
Hiya guys! Apologies for keeping quiet on this comic. I drew this to explain what's going on currently. It is as the hogboy says.

I am going back to my Pokemon fancomic ( and drawing a side story for it in order to re-engage with the audience there. It's going to be done in three parts, uploaded over the spring season of each year this year and afterwards (i.e. Part 01 is gonna be worked on spring 2018, Part 02 for spring 2019, etc.). It's my hope that I can draw those kids towards this comic in the end, after having finished reading that comic. Gotta increase my visibility as a creator, y'know.

So what this means is that I'll start working on Chapter 3 in late spring. I hope I can finally get things ramped up in Chapter 3, with actual Fragment-to-Fragment fights and schoolyard drama and all that good Mon battling stuff. I appreciate everyone's patience in the matter, and if you're curious, hop on over to the Welcome to the PCA! page and give that one a gander as well!
Vast chasms from one heart to another.
It feels terrible when someone you care about doesn't return your words, doesn't it?