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I wanna make kickin' webcomics and/or kickin' original IPs.
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    Zen Migawa
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Babby's first successful PvE.
Game stats!
It's a Dynasty Warriors reference.
Oh yeah, we're doing callbacks.
How do you socialized?
Well, he did say that...
Welcome back.
In the future, hair styling product technology will genuinely rule anime hair.
I. Hate. Inking. Backgrounds.
I H A T E B A C K G R O U N D S.
I hate trigonometry.
I could probably employ 100% of my Asian genes to understand trig and beyond in time. PROBABLY.
Ya REALLY like combat???
Okay, as I've said some pages back, I'm ramping down activity on the remaining 33-or-so pages of this Part Two in order to work more on my other comic, Masazume Wars - chapter 04 ( I'm not gonna stop completely, this comic is gonna become something of a working-break sort of deal while MW ch.04 is being worked on.

I wanna thank you all again for your readership and continued patience so far! I really, REALLY wish I had the money to hire an assistant so I can crank this out much more quickly for you guys... :(
I dunno why I even *talk* at times.
Even the shyest people need a caring soul to connect with.
Warm up or you'll wreck your bod.
I dunno.
I'm gonna take you for a ride~
There's, like, 60+ pages planned for Part 02, but I'm gonna slow down on the production some time after pg.33 is uploaded, as hopefully I'll be starting work back on Masazume Wars (my original webcomic) Chapter 04 by then, only returning to this work as a sort of working break.

I know I've been abysmally slow working on this comic, and I wanna thank you all for your patience and readership regardless. I wish I had the monetary resources to hire one assistant to work on backgrounds and such, in the grand mangaka tradition. :b
Just let them know someone is nearby.
One of the things taught to me in therapy is a key to mental health lying in knowing when to cut off unhealthy ties - even with family members. And then if need be, seeking out other people to fulfill replacement roles in a healthier manner and environment - a mentally healthier, happier replacement family situation, as it were.
FF14 is sucking up all my leisure time. Which makes me wonder if it's wise for me to dip into WoW Classic when it releases (lol, re-release of an old game).
What else is there.
Sorry this took so long. I'm actually slipping pretty badly in motivation and speed, and 70% of that blame lies in Final Fantasy XIV.

Full websize edit can be found at:
If you're talking about the Cyndaquil, yeah, I'm personally done with his story. This is a side story, after all.
The past creates tunnel vision.
I realize I've created certain... worldbuilding issues the further I kept writing for these two characters. But it's a specific exercise for a specific purpose for a specific self-lesson, so I forge onwards.
Wait and see.
Do people even eat breakfast at the dinner table anymore?
Love is love.
It's June, it's Pride Month. Happy Pride to my LGBT readers and cousins.
(It's not a comment about their sexual orientations. Still, I figured this would jive with their off-stage personalities.)
I'm hip with the memes.
I'm 35. I ain't never gonna be hip with the memes.
This is how I imagine employed labor start their mornings before going to work.
I don't exactly live in a family full of white-collar professionals, so.
Why waste a good day by staying in bed?
Filler comment.
As you can already tell, I'm not very witty or smart.