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I wanna make kickin' webcomics and/or kickin' original IPs.
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@shadowlucario50: It's a screen grab of an older analog page.
1st Phase of Relationships: Symbiosis
In Symbiosis, two people focus and expend most of their energies into syncing with and impressing each other, presenting their best face at all times to increase Good Vibes. The two people, as a result, effectively obliterate "I" in order to create and feed off the "We".
All that begins to unravel in the 2nd Phase of Relationships: Differentiation.
Goal of 2019
Hire a dialogue coach.

I fixed Jordan's dialogue in the 2nd panel, after realizing (in both English and Japanese) how... awkward it sounded.
Not enough flowers?
Ever the civil servant, Leon is.
You're WRONG
@Morzone: This is an UNSECRET ploy to turn all the readers into Cofagrigus enthusiasts, you CONSPIRACY THEORIST.
What a charmer. Anyone would fall for that face.
GROUP THERAPY IS OVER! Or, one type of it at least. Gotta see how soon my therapists hook me up with another kind of cognitive behavioral therapy group. In the meanwhile, I hope I can catch up!
God DAMN, saxophones...
Who's the crazy bastard who invented the saxophone?
'Cuz rendering that shit accurately is a huge NOPE from me.
'Cuz it can get awkward, being the string-along.
I've done what Raioh's doing...... waaaaay too many times.
It's as if someone is gifting you a brand new possibility.
Hiking backpack reference:
The favorite part of the community event for Asian diaspora peoples worldwide!
But Asians are too cheap and stingy to ensure "one prize per ticket holder." Hey, there gotta be losers in de game, buddy.
Let old people feed you. You'll never experience anything like it once they gone.
I only played the Japanese version of PMD: Explorers of Sky. Kangaskhan's speech was VERY typical of how middle-aged-or-older Japanese ladies talked - what yellow and brown people typically consider "auntie speech".
A communion as simple as eating at the same table.
Oh god, that middle panel alone took up over 65% of the total work time, only for necessary compression work to squash all that detail. T_T
Actually, over-charity can be a genuine problem, depending on various factors.
I honestly couldn't be half-arsed to draw MORE PRESENTS on the first panel.
The motorcycle took the longest to draw.
I genuinely need more practice. And saying this even as I actively HATE drawing objects and backgrounds.
But Man! I still think them cats are crazy
But what does he do with the other two arms...?
But kids don't need to know that right now.
Had to explain why Layana would be driving a fancy-ass sedan.
You can burn bridges just by looking away from someone, y'know.
Anybody remember the last time they tried some shit on their friend by saying, "Well I'm not TALKING to you ANYMORE! HMPH!"?
Workin' dat hospitality charm.
Meetin' a friend's parents for the first time? Yeah, it gets awkward somehow, eventually.
I dunno how, I just let my eyes do the eating!
Apparently, Muslims tend to overeat once the sun goes down/once Ramadan is over.
A cold barrier between you and I.
Man, I really hope to be able to have uploaded 30-some pages by end of spring this year.