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I don't know, I started drawing Jay holding a script for the original DVD season 1 cover, but then I remembered the concept of him touching the screen, so this became the cover for the collector's edition. And yes, that IS Thompson riding a cartoon T-Rex. Why? Why not.
Kid W25
December 3rd, 2017
wait, who's the chick again??
There was a moment too (that I didn't get into), where Jay and Thompson was originally called "The Jay and Thompson Show". I dropped the end bits, because I wanted the comic to be less about the TV show aspect, and more about the characters themselves. Of course, the TV show in this iteration is still present, as it's one of the main catalysts of the series, and the TV show itself is called 'Idiocy and Lunacy'.

A nice reference to my other (on hiatus) webcomic on SJ. Well, I think so anyway. But yeah, even even EVEN before the original comic strip that ended up being the basis of Hungry, I attempted to make The Jay and Thompson Show as something like the Extras comics that are on the Idiocy and Lunacy webcomic.

It did not go too well.

For a sneak peek of the first strip:

For a sneak peek of the second strip:
While I'm still working on creating strips to create a buffer for when the webcomic starts officially on New Year's Day, I don't want there to be NO updates on the website till that time comes. So I thought I would let you guys into the backstory of how Jay and Thompson became what it is now. This version is the third iteration, so there will be one more page talking about what happened to the second iteration.

But you can tell that the 'Hungry' strip, only underwent minor changes from the original, to what it is in this version. Something that you can take a sneak peek on my Kid W25 and the Jay and Thompson page on FaceBook, so jump over there and check it out!
Just so that there's still some content coming in every now and then while the official date for the first strip to go live to the public is getting closer. Remember, the first strip comes out on January 1st, 2018. Or, you can head to the Kid W25 page to see it early.

Following the theme of a TV show, the season covers are going to be DVD case covers. Enjoy!

Kid W25 Page:
So I'm thinking about officially kicking this off New Year's Day next year so that I can start to build a buffer of comic strips in the meantime. Don't know what the schedule will be yet, but here's a little something so you can get acquainted with some of the characters in the meantime.
And We are Back!
If you haven't caught up with what's going to happen with the webcomic, take a look at the latest news post I did a couple of days ago.
Not a good start,eh?
It's already Feb! Oh my goodness, that came around quickly. Sorry about the late upload. This is just the start of a series of comics that basically explains what my plans are for this comic in 2015.
Late Upload Courtesy of Optus.
The Explanation
The last panel is a recreation of the Billboard 100 website list. That is all. At the time of creation of this comic, Taylor Swift was number 1 with "Blank Space".
Based on an Indonesian Horror TV Show that I saw
They hop around. It's quite funny.
Based on Truth and Late Upload
I know someone that I play League of Legends with, and he calls Teemo "Satan" when someone from the opponent's team uses him. Not when I use him of course :)

And today's Late Upload is thanks to Optus, whose network is pretty crappy and decided to drop out just as I clicked submit on the comic upload page last night. Thank you Optus.
@not deekbutt: ah very punny indeed sir
A little Bit of Dark Humour
Just got around to watching "Amazing Spider-Man 2"... boy was I sad about the end...

Dem feels...
Kid W25
September 13th, 2014
are you drawing this all through a graphics tablet or traditionally? Cause your drawings are awesome, even if they're only sketches
Font Problems
So the Typo Comica Font that I've used a few times does not have a number 9... So I changed the title font to Badaboom but Badaboom doesn't have the © symbol. So that's why everything looks weird for this strip. Sorry..

This strip is based on truth.

I get a lot of Writer's Blocks

If you take a look at Bloody Mary's teeth, they're yellow. Then he gives her a spare toothbrush.

That's the joke everybody.
When I say you're doing what I'm planning to do, I mean the whole "sketchy drawings" and improving art and storytelling side of things.
You're doing what I'm planning to do on my next webcomic idea. Only your art is most probably ten times better.

I think you're doing really well with the dialogue. Keep up the good work!
A Little Bit of Idiocy and Lunacy
"Idiocy and Lunacy" is my webcomic that has been up on SmackJeeves since November 2012. After a very, very slow and shaky start, I have started being serious when it comes to making strips for this webcomic.

The art inspired by Cyanide and Happiness. But the humour present is more family-friendly.

Updates every Monday 8am.