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Luls. They're everywhere.
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Happy birfday you lovely person. Enjoy much cake and whatever other shit you enjoy on this day of glory.
@Beauty_of_Syn: Thanks haha, I'll try. Glad you enjoy it!
I've been real sick with the flue. Hence the once again lack of updates. Here's a page though.
@MegaAnimeFreak7: Yes, the other two men are with them still, you shall see.
Wooooahhhh...Time really got away from me.
The holidays got in the way, and then I hit an art block, and then my mother got sick (and still is)! I'm so sorry about the long wait. I'll try getting on track again, but I might take a day to get buffer pages, since I wasn't able to draw for the longest time (hence why this page is such shit frankly.) Once again Terribly sorry for the inconvenience! And thank you everyone for support! 438 fans!? Thank you guys! I'm honored!
Anyway, enjoy the new (shitty) page! I'll try to get the quality and output up soon!
And ho shit that was longer then I expected. Sorry about that!
Oh art block...
Please excuse the shitty restaurant view. I'll hopefully get around to redoing it so it looks better >>;
Anyway, enjoy.
December 22nd, 2012
Just a lady...With a pipe....Mori's sister. :3
Also so no one is confused, Itsuki is the long haired dude with shades. Jiro is mr beard guy.
New pageee~!
Enjoy the fluff.
@jadeann: Haha! Its all good. Thanks ;D
@wicked kisameru: Haha glad to hear it.
@TravestyArt: Aito's too derp to realize that xD
And glad you like it~
@NightmareNatarii: Oh ho? Mr Scruff's gettin the luff. And yes e v e He is.
I don't even know what to say about this page. Trolol..
The names of the two buds are going to be mentioned soon for those curious.

Its slow atm, sorry about that.

I know I know...This has been overused (I think?), but its not gonna be this way through the comic >>;
Moar characters! Yay!
We're getting more into Mori's past now <3
Annnnnd we're back to black and white.
I decided I'm going to do the first two-three pages in color and the rest will be black and white. xD

Anywho enjoy Aitos faggy ass style trololol
December 16th, 2012
Mori's crabby cause he thought he'd get a special surprise... sorta...xD

Also do you guys prefer color or just the usual black and white???? Or does it not matter? xD

Also Merry Early Christmas in case I can't draw a themed picture on Christmas <3
Extra page because I love you all <3
Yeah just messing with this page, dunno if I'll continue coloring the pages or what...
Yeah...Aito's strange.
Going commando and owning ladies pjs.
Naked bois...Let your mind wander.
New next buttons too...Enjoy those. <3
@TravestyArt: Thanks for backing me! It doesn't bug me they commented like that, but It really meant a lot to me that you did that :'3
So thank you again! xD