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I'm a graduate with an animation degree. Currently looking for work.

Major character points I feel describe me:
+ Hard worker
+ Lacks motivation a lot
+ Kind as can be
+ Sometimes not on earth Mentally
+ Sense of cute is a little es-cue (according to friends)

My Twitter is KimaKimachi
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Quill is such a show off haha <33
June 22nd, 2013
Screentone is soooo easy to use
//curls into a ball
I know I abuse them...

Looks nice though~ ^^ It helps convey the atmosphere~
...that last frame. There's so much empty space but so much tension! I love it *fangirls* >///.///<
:O I'm loving it~ Kid is living my dream~

I look forward to seeing more <3
Eheheh <3
This is so freaking wonderful! I wanted to say something more fancy, but nothing I can think of makes any sense *ish shy also*
Fall out?
This Kinda makes me think about the game. You ever play it?

Edit: Never mind xDD just read the comic description. *face desks*
I agree with ticklemyfancy. Very nice paneling :3

Are you using markers for it?
time well spent
I like it xD Looks like it will be a spaz~~
:O <33
Ganon feel off the horse haha xD He is so fun!
I love your style~ I can't wait to see more~
Can he really learn that move o.O I want a flying Diglet
January 22nd, 2011
"This means..." OдO I have to wait till next update to see what happens...*dies* cool *w*
Wee! New page <3 I can't wait to see more <3