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Not really, this is just the beginning! I'll be taking a break for around two weeks before chapter 2 starts up. School just started up so I don't have as much free time anymore. I hope you all are enjoying the story so far!
@DiabolicalDaisy: Thank you! The truck is my favorite part :)
@Sora_Hisui: Cinnamon bun is gonna get squished
@Karma Kay: Nah, I'm pretty sure yay is the right reaction
@Karma Kay: From Soul Eater? Lol, I can see the resemblance!
@Dr. Giggles: Don't be discouraging :(
@ThatRandomGal: Thank you, and I hope you'll enjoy the future pages! :D
@Spediscey: She just wants to help people and make the world a better place, her intentions are 100% pure!
@Spediscey: She's a philanthropist, she helps people with romance as an act of charity! :D
@Meemie7: Lol, I'm gonna be looking forward to that!
@Virtual Wombat: Thank you! I try to make my panel layouts interesting in every page! c:
@Spediscey: Don't worry, she just wants to help! :D
@Aerosol: Thank you! I hope you'll enjoy the story! ^v^
Hey guys, sorry for the hiatus. I wish I could say it's over for now, but unfortunately, it isn't. :/
Thing is I'm honestly very dissatisfied with the comic at the moment, and realized what I really wanted to do was redo chapter 1, which is like 80% of the entire comic right now. This comic was made mostly for myself to learn, I went into it with little planning and reckless abandon and I'm starting to regret it. While I'm pleased with what I've managed to learn and accomplish while making this comic, I also am displeased with the quality of the actual writing.
Right now, my plan is to put the comic on indefinite hiatus and pick it up again later with a fresh start. I'm sorry to the readers of this comic, but from the start I made this comic for myself. I started this comic just because I loved the characters and world I had made for this story, and I feel like they just weren't conveyed well by what I've put out so far.
Sorry to be the one to disappoint, but take care, folks. :(
@triforce fandom : Nope, she'd probably kill any plats she tried to keep :(
@triforce fandom: Haha yes, the grammar mistake was intentional! katydid isn't the kind of person who cares about correct grammar ;)
@Cave: When it comes to arms, the more the merrier

(cue the 16-armed humanoid abomination crawling out from the gutter)