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i live in Calgary AB Canada

Likes: RPG's (Final Fantasy, Suikoden, etc), Webcomics (current list is 114 comics long)

Dislikes: Homework (Boo!)
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March 26th, 2009
He's just lucky he's not a little bit taller or it would have gone into his eye
Enkida: nice use of colours, this page (un-texted) just became my desktop

Strawberrylemonde: Mako Poisoning takes awhile to develop (unless you do something stupid, like for example fall in the Lifestream) and from the sounds of it Yuffie has Mako Poisoning because she has been in the north crater only takeing a few days off every 3 months for 5 years and even then the obvious signs of it (mako eyes) have only became obvious within the past 3 months.
here is the question that pops into my head every time i fight a Tonberry....

Where do they get their candles from, and are they scented?
Pheonix/Vinny is so kick-ass wickidly COOL.....
woah, ff7 is going on ebay for $200!?.... maybe i should start putting some of my copies on there....

hell, i could use my employee discount and buy the copies my work has ($10 canadian, without the discount) and put those on ebay too.....

wheres the Sephiroth debate going to be held?
i havent played DoC yet but as far as i know they dont straight out say who Sephiroths father really is, except when Hojo claim's he's the father. But Hojo might be wrong as while Lucrecia WAS married to him when she got preggers, she was cheating on him with Vincent at the time.....

my guess though is Vincent is the father, and thats where Sephiroth got his coolness from
maybe Vincent wasn't fired or laid off at all.... he just slept in!
i think Vince is just pissed off at Yuffie cause she thinks he's going to die (the need for Pheonix) and that he doesn't have any happy memories..... which raises the question of DOES he have any happy memories???
I had a nightmare about tonberries last night :/ i think this is bringing up bad repressed memories.....

hope you get better soon Enkida
i hate Tonberries... especially since i have the worst luck on spells and my Stop never worked :(

my whole strat on fighting them was keep my people alive untill Hades stopped them or turned them into a frog
i've been reading this webcomic for about 3 months, and have "broken the silence" (i might even post here again!) to say that i prefer this layout to the other one.... but it's your comic so draw it how YOU want to

i know i'll still read it, no matter what you do

now for the fan to take over...

*droolz while re-reading the archive*