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Nirvana star
I'm a big video game fan. I've been reading Smackjeves stuff for a while now, and I finally mustered up the courage to make an account of my own.

I could go into more detail, but does anyone ever really read this?
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That one's re-used from the previous page though.

Also I can re-use that one in many situations throughout the whole comic, so it's worth spending a lot of time on.
Me: Oh this is the minimalistic tales, I'm not gonna put much effort in it so I can get through quickly!

also me: *Makes panel 10 of this page*
Hm, true. I might go back and do that thoughout the whole comic.
<img src=""> ;
Whoa hey it's been a while.

So yeah I know it's been over a year since I did anything here, but I felt like playing sum Awakening and then I thought "Might as well do it on the file I'm using for the Comic, and continue that comic."

Not that I actually got to play anything for this page. Guess I'll be working on the next page too then.
You'd think he'd remember to mention that the person in question had purple hair.

But no, just 'a lady killer'.

Good job, bellboy.
I'm sorry. Minor as it is, I'm counting that as a spoiler. Please take out the second line of that comment.
Funny how this unnamed bellboy has more personality than quite a large number of the rest of the game's cast.

Like, for instance, last case's prosecutor and killer.
Um, that's exactly what Phoenix says on the logical deduction panel.
Introducing the comic's fouth counter, the Lawyer Larceny counter!
Because the protagonists just break the law left and right.

So you might notice the LL counter is at 2 on its introductory page. I've already missed one, the wiretap, so I had to retroactively add the counter to this page: -30/

And yes, I did play this particular game on the Wii.
8 games later, and April May might still hold the title of least cooperative non-culprit of the series.
In 6-2, it's clearly implied that <father> would have defended <his daughter> if he could.

Conflict of interest is en entirely moot point in the Ace Attorney universe.
Oh, there's a trick to that. The one in my regular comments is my real avatar. I edited the code for the comic to replace the author comment avatar from 'insert avatar here' to just a regular image.

Though I suppose that if anyone else became an author here, they would get that image as their avatar too. But since that's not very likely, I'll be fine.
For the same reason why I called Ash and Pikachu 'some loser' and 'Yellow zap rat' on episode 1, part 2.
I've decided that from this point on, every first page of an episode will stop at the title card.
Which, in some cases, is not gonna be that much.

But seriously, why did they record new lines for the recap, it makes no sense.

I see 'seen' as having scanned it with the Pokédex.

Think about it: in the games, when you talk to some random Pokémon in cities, they are not added to your Pokédex as 'seen' either.
Ayup, I'll be doing this for every episode.

For now I'm only counting ash's catch rate for the Kanto dex, though.
If I ever manage to get to the Johto part of the series (oh, only about 116 episodes to go, no big deal) I'll expand it.

Yes, I'm still very optimistic about how far I'll go.
Credit for the last panel to, a german website where they have tons of screenshots from every episode of the anime.
I might just take the lazy way out for every shot of a city in this series, because there's a lot.

This isn't the final page of episode 1, though. A bonus page will be up soon.
I already have most of it finished so expect it to go up tomorrow.
Sorry, I extended the vote.

By the way, been meaning to ask, but where exactly is that character you're always using from?
I won't show the process of going through the entire chapter again.
I just thought I'd show how easy, or rather effortless, this prologue is.

By the way, I only got two votes last page, so I chose Drachelehre's vote because the other one was essentially just default Robin.