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Winter is my favorite time of year rivaled only by Autumn. I love anime, comic books, cartoons, sci-fi, and fantasy; for that matter I do believe in ghosts and aliens. Reading and drawing are some of my favorite pass times, along with browsing the internet. I love to run, and enjoy trying new things, provided it is not roller coaster, those things scare the living crap out of me! I am hopeful for my future as a comic creator.
I wondered what their power was if they had any.
October 9th, 2013
It is The Ultimate Ring of Kickass. Do it's namesake well, young Alchemist.
Sheeeeeet! That is nice!I always love your characters be it design or personality! Can't wait for the return of Hemlock.
July 19th, 2013
Caldwell if you ever become disguraged about Alchemy combat just remember: the Elric Brothers. Also good to know he has a rhyme and reason for his adventuring. I actually feel bad for powning all those trainers in the games. Sound theory BTW.
Oh, the tough guy, hm? This will be good!
Yay! Sophia and her cat teeth! Like the third to last panel! Can Caldwell make his way through the dangerous dungeon, will the team manage to find Caldwell and if not, manage to defeat the diabolical dungeon boss...maybe! We may or may not see in the next updates of: Spellcross!
I've been reading your comic for awhile and as always you use superb shading techniques. What a cool art style too! This is gonna be so rad!!
I like this. real dramatic but I have to agree. Change back to the original style but don't give this one up!! I say keep it for later use.
Oh, my sides. George's face XD!!! I kinda feel like Atticus is like us. I have definately switched out ane Pokemon to take a hit for another, and I feel like he's making alot of move choices we'd make; awesome!! George, well... God, she is just hilarous! Again her face XD!!! God she's one of my favourites.
Lol!! George's face in the last panel. Made my freakin night. George is pretty much my favorite (save Atticus), I don't know why, she just6 is. Excellent work as always; and yes who doesn't enjoy extra updates.
April 4th, 2013
Holy.Crap. When I first saw the top panel I was stunned! I was, am, speechless; Sindri cut that boy up, and you drew it absolutely perfect!
When I was reading this all I could hear was the theme to "Big Shot" the bounty hunter tv program of Cowboy Bebop. LOL, and it matches so well.
Whelp as the vampires say "it sucks to be them"; kindly excuse the less than tolerable horrible pun but I had to. Really love the comic and the art style matches perfectly.
Love the coloring. The flame is emphasized very well in the fist panel; hw ever did you get that glow effect?
I like Smoke completely and totally awesome. Is smoke male or female?
Bwa ha ha ha. "What would you like James to do?:Fight:Fire Punch:James used Fire Punch!" Let's see how this turns out.
November 29th, 2012
Your drawing style and story are both superb. I absolutely love the way you draw Lumi who is adorable and tristan is just really cool and you draw him so well, and Sindri is down right amazing. Off topic it would much appreciated if people could help me with this. I am trying to get a picture to I drew uploaded as my profiel pic on SJ and for some reason it is not letting me upload it say it has to a GIF or some thing or other I donot know what to do and any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance; Hemlock is awesome and may the series last long and remain amazing, and good night.
Beautiful, just beautiful.
You have such an amazing style and creativity. I now I would never have thought up a "silent comic". Wonderful arms and hands by the way; I struggle with those all the time.