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Ok, I know it's sudden, but I'll have to take a month off.
Or rather, I've been taking a month off in May and therefore had to put my Patreon on pause, because the pages I post there are drawn the very same week, or sometime just a week before. So, since I didn't have much time to draw in May, I had to call a hiatus. And as you (probably) know early access is one of core features available for my Patrons. So, long story short, in order to provide early access in June, I'll have to take a month off on other platforms.
So, if you want to read the next page right away, feel free to join my Patreon. Or, well, I hope I'll see you in July.

It's not the best situation, I know, and I'm sorry to pause this promising scene so suddenly, but I have to balance my drawing around my life, not the other way around.
two pages again.
@Poppy: good point. There wasn't, but I've added some on the profile page.
@Creative_crybaby: @Trinkuh: I split the page in two halves, so it should be working fine now.
still trying to figure out the optimal update schedule.
Next page is on Friday.
@sarah*: I fail miserably at keeping up with update schedule, so the next page is on Friday 17th and (hopefully) every riday after.
Somehow I got totally lost in time. Really sorry guys.
A dashing thief returns, but somehow not that dashing yet.
two pages again
If for whatever reason you've always wanted a drawing tutorial from me, you can now get one at my Patreon.
@toastedmarshmallow: yeah, the bubble was pointing at the wrong character. Fixed it.
two pages again
two pages again, click next!
I have to re-schedule updates to Tuesdays, permanently.
@portisHeart: twins were born during a scientific experiment, so it was the second option.
WWF is back!

Two pages, as usual, since SJ doesn't allow longer files.
@portisHeart: this thief is actually a rather important character, so he'll have his spotlight later on ^^
@Moondragon: If everything goes well, I'll resume posting new pages here on February, so it's not that long.
For the next month or so I'll be uploading next pages on Patreon only. Eventualy each and every page will be available for free, though.
for a better quality I suggest Tapastic or DeviantArt. Smackjeeves is very particular about file sizes I can upload, wich is unfortunately too small for a picture of this size.