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two pages again, click next!
I have to re-schedule updates to Tuesdays, permanently.
@portisHeart: twins were born during a scientific experiment, so it was the second option.
WWF is back!

Two pages, as usual, since SJ doesn't allow longer files.
@portisHeart: this thief is actually a rather important character, so he'll have his spotlight later on ^^
@Moondragon: If everything goes well, I'll resume posting new pages here on February, so it's not that long.
For the next month or so I'll be uploading next pages on Patreon only. Eventualy each and every page will be available for free, though.
for a better quality I suggest Tapastic or DeviantArt. Smackjeeves is very particular about file sizes I can upload, wich is unfortunately too small for a picture of this size.
@Denissexz23: why exactly?
I added captions with time both on this page and on page 1, to make chronology more clear.

Also, sorry for being late again. New Year's Eve was ruthless XD

Two pages again.
@portisHeart: too easy XD
besides, erasing someone this important would mean alternating timeline so hard that the initial time-travel would not happen, thus creating a paradox.
two pages again
@TerribleTobyTrouncer: Nope, blond's name is Iwar. Victor adressed him once by that name.
An you're actually pretty close with your guess, but now exactly.
@YaoiGirl09: Should be displaying fine now.
@YaoiGirl09: I don't know what's going on (and it's loading fine for me), but I tried to change the layout. Did it help?
@All Hail The Yaoi Gods: that's weird. I tried some tweaking, did it work?
again, two pages.
Would it be better if I post one (smaller) page per day on, say, Mondays and Wednesdays?
@Tigrrl: oh my, it is. Thank you for letting me know.
Okay, I just realised I fucked up.
Thing is, SJ doesn't allow me to upload big pages so I had to cut it in halves. I really hope it's ok.

Anyway, here we go!