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lol I think with the number of dark alleys in this town, they should just invest in night vision goggles. Damn dark alleys, has anything good ever come out of them?
lol he looks pretty much like me, well that's definitely gonna get me invested in this story xDD
And now young will die.
I kinda like the way this story is going. However, I think you've pretty much peaked on shock value. Granted I have no clue where the story is going, but if he keeps on killing people, it's going to lose it's effect. I dunno, it's your story, so whatever. Just some advice.
Yeah, that was about as disingenuous as he could have gotten. I STILL think he's being a smarmy bastard lol The part that made me crack up was how he's talking about his completely f'ed up childhood and homi/suicidal sister, and right next to his head we can see "blab blab"
xDD there's just something about her arms up in the air and her smiling that makes me laugh
I was just thinking. Ehh, is there a point to them being zombies? all? Other than for artwork and the occasional offhand zombie joke?
I see he's very matter-of-factly about his pants being ripped off, lol
Say what now? That's a shame. I assume there's still plenty of story though, right? :)
Why is a ketchup bottle in a top-secret lab? lol
"HINDSIGHT" being when your head is wedged firmly up your ass ;) Ah I have fun.
Leighton used to play fullback for the Rams, check that tackle!
Lol, so you try to kick a guy in the face, who happens to have a gun. Then you act suprised when he shoots at you? xDD
lol, now THAT'S being an asshole right there xDD
How exactly does buying a PS3 make you gay?
I just wish that an innocent could get revenge nowadays, the bad guy always gets away with it, and it's sad to see someone die and not get the retribution they deserve, you know? If the person was known to be bad then I'm okay, but we know absolutely nothing about this girl, she could be completely innocent, and she just gets killed and then you expect us to forget all about her.
And I guess as a coup de grace so I can finish venting is that I got so pissed off there that I almost don't want to read the rest of the comic unless something even more painful and worse happens to him. And not even death, something even worse than that, slow torture, then death. I guess that's just the way I am, I have a sense of severe order.
Also the fact that the girl will probably just be passed off (I haven't read the whole comic, but I'm pretty sure that's the case), we are made to feel sorry for her, but the main character wants us to think it's nothing much since it's out of his control. He doesn't even show the slightest bit of remorse. It sickens me, it really does.Kind of like when I watched Akira and saw the little girl die, nobody cared, and nothing happened. It was so depressing it sickened me. God I'm ranting so bad right now, sorry but it's out of my control [/sarcasm]
Wow, first page and I already want this guy to die a horrible death, I hate anybody who takes innocent life carelessly, and even more when the good person passes it off as routine.