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March 10th, 2019
such a wonderful cover. Saturated red of roses and healthy muscle, all with the delicate details of the peals and face anatomy
please no
Like, now would be time for a nap. One does not do The Big Thing right after hours of grueling work. Sleep on it, then commence. That's science 101
September 16th, 2018
Honestly im always a little surprised this comic doesnt get more people. Perhaps its the unique art style? because it has a great setting, interesting characters, and enough pages that you really get invested. <3
August 28th, 2018
I like the cute puppers! grats on just doing it. Nothing can ever be perfect, and the best way to make sure it becomes better is to just stick whatever you got down on some paper
stranger danger!
these kids have no skepticism. ask the rules! what is your objective? what happens if you catch us? How do I find a cool cape like yours?
All that from a few flares?! I suppose demons are really quite flammable - like their ichor is a natural explosive fuel or something?
January 18th, 2018
Every new page i just keep on going back to the original to compare. Its absolutely wonderful just how much both your art and story telling has improved. I have always really loved how bold your art is now with its thick lines and vibrant colors, like a storybook ^-^

its also really cool to see what ideas are still there and what has been altered. Its really nice to see how much less 'tropy' and more nuanced your characters have become this second time around :D
December 5th, 2017
@Winek: doubly hillarious when youravatar is coupled with the comment :D
I say its what she needs. Everyone tiptoe-ing around you all day over soemething you rather try and move on from must be exausting
im so very happy at just how swell a guy mewtwo is. He has his pride and need to shoulder the world, but he really is also so very caring and ready to help others. he really surprises me and makes me smile quite often
i do not like that knife in that dragon
stick the leggy reeel far
that is some impressive panoramma shot for such a casual scene. so pretty visual of the docs
humans. You endanger one and soon enough a whole village is out there sticking together and shit
ahh yes, the ol "we are teaching them valuable work skills" method of exploitation. Why actually educate when you can have a myrad of unpaid workers
i like the king
i dunno man, for some reason the only thing my brain keeps turning towards is a scene where the king turns toward henchman #1 or something and whispers "Time for my last resort. activate the bomb" to the oh so shocked stare from Christine. Then an explosion from the forest, and the King all "it was for the best"

Black, roll credits
Aint nothing but a thing
WAIT, Virga is a dame? Sweet! (dunno why my brain said bloke)
Man, Christine really hates all that logic coming out of Toby's mouth
January 16th, 2017
Its a really interesting concept that you portrayed here. I love the idea that Saturno, a demon without any biological need to copulate, would totally misunderstand the new instincs he seems to be forming due to his more animal-like body.

At least thats what i have been understanding. Poor Saturno feels this need to Have, this desire to Do Something with Alpha. So, to a demon, that feeling must be killing. I mean obvs, she is a risk and he wants to leave. What else would it be?

I think I have officially read too much manga. The first time I read this I mistook Darkri's coughing for laughing and was all "oh, dang. Darkri must be suppressing that dark aura pretty strongly if its enough to cause chest pains and evil cackling" >_>