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I love yaoi. My day revolves around a good yaoi comic or manga.I started reading yaoi in 2011, and can't find enough of it. I'm a fairly creative person and do a lot of writing and art, but I have never tried to make a comic (would like to). I'm not vary open about my hobbies to the people that know me. Especially about my addiction to yaoi. I stand behind everyone with any connection to yaoi: author, reader, fan and over all addicts like me.
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'Captive' by Spencer Stanley
I love your comic. Good luck with your recovery.
YAY! He got a job XD
It really doesn't matter what type of job he has right now, the work experience is good and once he is finished his education he will be able to pursue the job he loves. I love his new boss.

The comic looks really good
February 12th, 2015
I love the cover. Try to take it easy with your hand so it will heal properly.
they look cute together. I hope they become an item.
That seriously grossed me out.
I hope she shows up a lot. SHE IS AWESOME!
|I thought his tail was supposed to be rainbow striped like his hair
December 14th, 2014
Happy holidays! and good luck with your exams
Oh shit, if the whole pack heard him those guys are in for a major fight.
Awe poor guy I wanna give him a hug.

Glad your back. this comic really made my day
December 5th, 2014
I love your comic. The art is very well done and the story is progressing at a rate that some might call slow, but this is the first chapter, it is only natural to ease into the story gently and provide all the key information before things start to inter-mesh, snowball and pick up speed. Don't worry about the people who unfavorited too much. Your story looks like its worth waiting for, and I'll definately be staying around to read the comic through to the end.
October 21st, 2014
Is this an ebook or hard copy?
As long as you let us know when the book is for sale and provide the link for the English version I won't complain. I love your work and look forward to buying this book
I'm not sure how to feel about this one Lance is so cute, and as an Alpaca he is super cute :3 It will be interesting to see how this one plays out.
Awe He is so cute. And the expression on his face in the bottom left corner, priceless
September 17th, 2014
Good on you for buying yaoi. I think its so cute that you write and illustrate yaoi comics but were shy about buying them. Lots of love <3
Hope you feel better and more relaxed
If they get interrupted I would never be able to forgive it.
September 8th, 2014
No wonder Rhea doubted that he was the only one Praxis loves
Hallelujah and praise gay comics its about freaking time!