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Celebrating our long run back in aught-seven when, over the course of six months, we* posted a record (personal) 17 comics! That's... almost 3 comics a month! Almost!

General opinion seemed to indicate that these comics were somewhat amusing, and, for the most part, did not "suck". To commemorate the last day that one of these comics was posted we are going to post one more comic. Just one. Well maybe more if we feel like it. We'll see.

Also as a special thank you to anyone who stayed a fan of the comic** for three years with no updates I would like to put forth the following message:
Thanks I guess? You are probably a cool person but maybe not, I really wouldn't know.

Now, since this comment is way too long, I will leave you for another three years, at which point I will post 2172 comics at the same time to bring the average post rate to one comic a day.

That is all.

* = Majestic Plural, all HtUM comics were created by just one King
** = never bothered to clear out their favorites list
I think my next project will be an HtUM layout, I've been meaning to do one for a while but... well... I'm lazy.

As to the ninjas vs pirates debate, I have to say I'm pretty neutral.Oh but I hace to say, Dr McNinja > Naruto.

Dr McNinja is pretty much better than anything.

And as to which faction I play on WoW... well let's just say I don't want to make any enemies, so I'm not going to mention it. I know quite a few horde fanatics and quite a few alliance fanatics are out there... I try to avoid them both :P
Hi guys, I'm not *really* back, just so you know, but I will be posting stuff occasionally.

...Whenever a decent idea strikes me, I don't have any work to do, my friends are all busy... and the World of Warcraft servers are down. Yes, I am a WoW addict, sad as it is :(

Yeah last week sucked... um and I plan to do 3 comics over the weekend to make up for it.
This is just a separate comic i made to test out changes to the template without messing up the main site. Sorry for any confusion :)
Lewis Carroll?

Guy sounds like a total mome rath to me.
Sorry for the last update!

This one makes me chortle. Yes. I said chortle.

hehehe that shotgun was fun to make...

PS: Chortle (v): laugh in a breathy, gleeful way
Ultimately I have a cool idea for the site layout, right now I'm just starting to piece things together. The paper clips are the first step, the idea is for the site to look like a desk with an open user's manual on it with all the diagrams.

Also if you want to request something feel free to, I'm always open to suggestions :)
Bleh... apparently there are people rating but not commenting :(

I like comments. Ratings are meh.
I read through the archive... lawl fav'd

iMovie is the apple video editing software.
I saw you in the spotlight, great stuff! (fav'd)

I love your style, it reminds me of Gorey.
Also, please let me know what you think about the new navigation buttons, I plan to continue updating the look and I'd like feedback as I do.

These current ones are kinda big and rough looking, so I'll probably modify them in the upcoming days/week.
I finally make my (triumphant?) return!

I kind of wish I could do the "no" here. When I saw knocked up the guy put some popcorn in my liquid butter. I'm pretty sure you're supposed to put some liquid butter on the popcorn... um yeah, the moral of the story is: that was nasty.

Hopefully I haven't lost my fans due to my stupid exam/project schedule :)
No finals this year, yay for senior exemption!

So yeah, exempt in one course and then 4 AP course projects instead of exams. The projects are easy but require a lot of time (by friday I will have made over 200 powerpoint slides, all based on either historical research or experiments I had to design and perform)
I think the contest helped but I think I had around 100 fans before I won. New comic later today, I didn't have time to finish it last night.
Thank you for the backhanded insult Break :P
Ski mask without skiing = bad person?

I know I promised two for today and the other one will be up by the end of the night.

mmm! patient you must be!
Happy memorial day weekend!

No comic monday, I won't be back from my internet-free vacation. I'll do two uploads on wednesday though, maybe another vector art thing and a comic, maybe two comics. It's a mystery! OOOOoooOOooo mysterious!

Also: I am now a "donator" comic, donator in quotes because I didn't actually pay any money. I was one of the winners of the comic contest, check out the other winners here: