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I like art c: and my names Carli.
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Oh my god, I forgot his marks
Okay for you all reading this! I may be a bit slow since my last week of school is coming up and I have to start applying for more colleges and scholar ships. Also, wish me luck since I have to find a job soon too~. Hope y'all have a great summer. Oh yeah, and for a portion of summer I won't update or anything because of a family trip, just thought I'd let y'all know.
Welcome back ^^ more info
That pose is now officially known as the "sexy badass mofo pose"
Lovely page ^^
mmm, nice!
Kaidou looks HOT in that last panel.
@Crimson Chains: I love dem stripes X3
i love his tie... STRIPES!
Was papa there trying to help our little dark being friend :3
Im forgetting names, dangit...
Mmmmm, Kaidou~. your hand is traveling~! :3
that linked picture, sexy. can i keep it?!? ;^; Sounds interesting ^^
one more time..?
WELOCME BACK QoQ we missed chu~!
WHOHOO! congradulations!
@Crimson Chains: lol ^^ i see that. them busy doublegangers (sp?)
daawwww, poor Haru and Kaidou sit in the corner with him... Seme talk :3
looks good both ways :D
i almost to forgot to come back to this. OoO it has been a while :D