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Hello again! and sorry for the long wait :) Since I have been very busy with my final examinations I could not finish the page like it has to :(, even this way I hope you like it
Well, I finally fixed my pc so here some fan art for you.
Yukionna is so cute that I could't resist ^^
awesome fan art! \(^0^)/ I think I'll also do the same because I love all the characters
hello again. I've been busy, so I'm very delayed (sorry) but I'm gonna catch up
so cute.(^3^) I dont think this is an exuse for a page I like it
I like the way you draw the expreciones (@.@)
The model of the boots is a great help\(^º^)/
I loved the way you drew Alanna.The clothes is much like what I had thought(^-^)
I'll be updated as soon as I can , so we can start their story \(º0º)/
you have a point there ^.^.next week I'll upload the first page of Alannah´s story
sorry for updating so late. I've been busy lately, but I hope to update more often now.Fawn I leave it in your hands (for the next page)
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< ;<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<&l t;<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
hope you like it
I did not know how to finish the boots. Help! please make all the corrections that you like
w(゜o゜)w  woooww impressive, is too cute(^ω^). You are so good!!!!
(my heart died a little)
- Name: Alannah Kenny
Age:(just turned)22
Personality: she has strong character, very grumpy and hard to approximate. But once you earn her trust, is a docile person
Likes:likes to train,boxing, being alone, music,martial arts, men's clothing (for thus looks less feminine)
Dislikes:she hates all men, (the only man she trusted was her father, she hates being mistaken for a man, although by wearing men's clothing this happens a lot
She was violently raped at age 12. As her mother only cared about the social status and what people would think, ashamed of her daughter, she abandoned her leaving her with her father.
With the trauma of her rape and abandonment of her mother, she began to walk away from anything that would make her look pretty, she cut her hair and started wearing loose clothing to not to show her figure. She was no longer the beautiful girl with long hair that his mother dressed like a doll, now she was the boy her father would love
His father Oscar Kenny , raised her with love and to make sure that does not happen again taught him all kinds of self defense movements. He was a retired boxer, very famous, and like him, she liked boxing and decided to pursue that career.

Her father taught her everything he could, because he knew that his end was near and would not leave her daughter, defenseless. He died from cancer and at the moment of his death, Alannah promised her father that his training would be worth. So with the death of the only man she trusted and loved, She found herself in a world full of hatred and pain and promised that she would find her rapist and kill him with her own hands
and that's the other part of the story hehe(I had forgotten to write it hehe)
@MoriTheChomper: \(^-^)/ I'll start right away
you are good at creating characters. 0.0
they are so adorable. ^.^ I JUST LOVE IT \(^-^)/
As promised
This is the first page of the story of Aubrey, traditional art is only for now (hope you like). Is assumed that it would make more panels but was better this way, so I divided it into two pages. But I have not finished coloring so I hope to finish it tomorrow or after tomorrow :)
I´m happy you liked it.Traditional art is all i can do for now (boo hoo)
She is amazing *0*, I would love to make her a human if you want ;)
hello, it has been a while, but I'm back ^^.
I have not yet fixed my pc :(. So I use a cyber for now.
I made this for Christmas, but I lost it before scanning. Today I found it in my notes of culture, so I decided to upload it anyway lol (was practicing the kissing)
Hope you like
(Tomorrow I will upload the first page of Aubrey Rhodes´s history)