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I'm one of those people who grew up too fast for my age. I plan on making up for it during the next forty years.
February 21st, 2010
I...can't help but think of Nodame Cantabile. Mari's so endearing...
This is exactly how my roommate and I freaked out about our goldfish we weren't supposed to have.

...We hid him in the bathtub. Desta should hide him in the bathtub.
I'm really enjoying this. It's always nice to have a story that isn't told from an angle you read every damn day. As a new reader, I'm a fan of Jasper. He has totally awesome story potential. I love what you're doing.
Is this where we gasp and cover our eyes while our mouths gape, or is this where we smirk and watch happily?
The best friends let you realize shit on your own.

I don't want to offend you or anything, but Marcus eeks Miyamoto Kano style in panel two. It's interesting.

And I know what you mean about hair. One of my characters had triple-toned hair for a chapter.
Never. Again.
The overall quality of this is great so far! The pacing's good, and your attention to the backgrounds is something that's not so easy to find with webcomics. I'm excited to see where this is going. ^^
Huzzah. I found it again.
....I worked on a set for a musical once. I was the only girl that could use a power drill. And use it better than any of the guys. I also made costumes. Then they asked be to be stage crew and what did I say? "HELLZ NOES ASS BADGERS."

Ah, I'll be gone for around ten days or so. You're stuck with Nuu. Bitch slap her if you get a chance. Then give her a cookie.
Dramatic entrances HUZZAH.

Don't forget to vote:
Needlespike: of those members is me >__>
Ah, this page holds a very special manga-page-shaped piece of my heart. This is because this page is the only page so far that has dialog entirely written by me. Notice how the dialogue flows so well, contains just the right amount of noir, and has no apparent connection to even the tiniest bit of the story so far. Love me. Love my dialogue.
Ah....1,000 fans exactly. Awesome. Oodles of sexy thanking for you guys and the lovely Nuu.
Also, about the update, um, it should have updated today, but it didn't. >> I haven't been able to talk to Nuu, so....
If you'd like to see the next page, though, it IS up on Y!gallery.
Er, you might have to be a member.
Because I was a die hard Dick Tracy fangirl at the age of four. What woman wasn't? Yellow trench coats scream sex for me and always will.

Nuu: get your ass off the freakin' computer, woman! You're in Vegas! It's always hot there! Win me a car! A shiny one!
Direct hit
Damage: 789

Achieved new title: Back-Taker of Sundays
Gained new attack: Nine Inch Nail Thrust
Gained New Items: Eyeliner, Bad Poetry
Chimerical: I'm at the part where Luke's just chopped his mullet and Guy's on his way to make sweet love to him while (he still thinks) Luke is asleep. Naught, naughty Guy.
So I says to myself, "Self, since Her Highness The Nuu is absent, partying in a place that isn't where you're stuck for the next week, you's gonna write a comment, the moment this page updates and complain about it."
Unfortunately, I was playing Tales of the Abyss and was distracted by how gay Guy is for Luke.
Insider note: the inside dialogue was originally much more confusing. In my opinion. Which doesn't matter, because I PHAIL.
Rush: I'm taken. Unless you have copious amounts of coconut oil and a waterbed.

Thanks everyone, nice to meet you, too.
Your Mom.
Hiya, Peoples. I'm the invisible-'til-now-co-author of this lovely comic which you all love so much (so go vote for it here: in case you're wondering, yes, I have no shame.)
It's nice to finally meet you guys, so, to start off, I will tell you about this page.
To me, this is a very special page. Why, you ask? Because May is at the height, his ultimate peak, of emo-ness. For now. It's an emotional thing. That, and because it first becomes obvious here that Josh is May's bitch. Bend over, Josh, we love you.