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Haven't they been taught that it's rude to point out someone's scars, burns, zits, or other skin irregularities? It's embarrassing to be gawked at and hurtful to relive memories.
Mmmm now I'm craving yakotaki...
Derek & Alex should totally hook up. Screw Andrew (figuratively) who is pretending to be straight while having down low sex.
Sadness & jealously turning into blood curdling rage... I need more popcorn!
February 18th, 2014
Pffft I'm taking the taxi
February 2nd, 2014
Well to tell the difference, one of them is covered in scars and has an anus that will quickly open up after being nudged.

January 19th, 2014
OooOooOo the horny angry man said a bad word...

Aki does need to grow a backbone
It's a headless angel baby! Or a demon head! Or next week's lotto numbers!
January 4th, 2014
Oh well if it doesn't work out they can both be in tattoo nightmares for cover ups lol
Enjoy your holiday & don't worry about the comic. Make the most of your R&R because you'll need it to do well for finals. And happy turkey day (n__n)
Wuz fast

October 18th, 2013
I'm really enjoying these colored pages
October 16th, 2013
Change account? Will it still be on smackjeeves or on another host?
This CAN get more awkward.

Hiro can start nibbling & sucking on his nipple in his sleep.

If only that wasn't a utensil in his hand & he was eating COOKIES

Embarrassed? Is it suppose to be scratch & sniff strawberries?
Lube. That's all.
Pssst Hiro, now is a good time to grab his butt.