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What do you get when you add technology, cats, nachos, and mix them all together? a disapointing punchline.
Hello, I'm back! Finally!
I was.... busy... to keep it simple...
But that's not important, what's important is I'm back and we're going to get this thing done!
Hi, yeah, I had to take a break because of other things that have happened.
I've actually just recently restarted working on it. It should be back sometime soon, hopefully before the end of august.
I think I might have forgotten to mention last week that I wasn't going to post a page.
It's been really hectic here, I am currently surrounded by three cats because Bailey suddenly returned after nearly a month of being missing right after I brought my other two cats over to take care of for the next three days.

Also, next week I and my friend are doing an art stream.
@Dragon: That wasn't Red, as for where he is you'll have to wait and find out!
@cyndaquil1234: It won't, but I did play a soulsilver nuzlocke and I picked totodile because I always pick cyndaquil XD
If something is always late, then does being on time become being early?... I don't know but here's the page.
Pwetty colours.
I may or may not have forgotten to post the note about not updating the last two weeks.... Oops.
Ugh, I have to draw this guy now... Seriously, screw Lance he's such an annoying character.
(When you forget the joke you originally had that you stupidly didn't write down in the sketch but it's an hour before you gotta update...)
This is an hour late because... Well, I took a nap and overslept. oops. Oh well.
@Zelkova: Now I just wish I could draw effects like that intentionally rather than by accident while rushing...
@Dragon Master: Leech Life is wonderful now, and it feels like they boosted the return from absorb type moves too.
We should cherish this gift from Arceus.
I mean... something was going to be late this week.
I felt like you guys would be more understanding to the reason.
Sidenote: Dewpider is my new bebe. All the Dewpider and Surskit belong to me. all of them.
welp, not much to say.
And then my computer was moved to the new house.
Have I mentioned this fight was 40 turns long? Yes? Well let me repeat myself.
This fight was 40 turns long.

Happy Halloween! gimme all the green tootsierolls!
So... basically because of the freeze and constantly hitting himself Darwin managed to outlast the lapras in terms of non-surf moves to use.
The last few turns were literally lapras healing Darwin while being bitten to death.

As an aside note I let myself use three healing items in each elite four battle.
So basically I was having a panic attack while also being simultaneously bored out of my mind at this point.
It's an odd feeling.
Props to the boy who shook off confusion just as he gets frozen and then defrosted the very next turn.
Darwin is too stupid to be confused.