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Sheer Cold
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@.:AuraX:.: oh okay then.
@.:AuraX:.: okay firstly its just Giratina with Absol's head. secondly you didnt even have the descentse to recolour it im not complaining but anyone one could of did better than this (I hope this doesn't offend you)
@.:AuraX:.: do I need to have a reason
@.:AuraX:.: WTF IS THAT!!
the muscles look like they are from super trunks.
Sheer Cold
January 24th, 2013
Need more cameos
I need more cameos than that. at least SonicBallZX cameo'd.

come on guys I need more cameos!
Sheer Cold
January 23rd, 2013
Just introducing the villain of this chapter not really much to look at here... so yh here you go.
Sheer Cold
January 23rd, 2013
ha! he got pwned!
Sheer Cold
January 22nd, 2013
its been a while since I've updated this comic and this is thee end of the prologue meaning I am now accepting cameos all you have to do is PM me a link to your sprites
,telling me if their good or bad and a bio about there powers and other stuff. k thanks.
Sheer Cold
January 17th, 2013
@SilentDusk: sweet!!
Sheer Cold
December 21st, 2012
@Spritez: He's crouching
Sheer Cold
December 21st, 2012
Wow it's been 10 days since I updated this comic
anyway as some of you may know its Christmas next Tuesday so updates stop on Monday and start when ever I go back to school so I'm gonna try and update as quick as possible.

~Sheer Cold