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Continue my work
@SMB League: Yes, If i have some free time left you know: real-life things
@SMB League: You are the very first person that ever have posted a comment! Thank you so much. I have'nt wasted my time on this after all
Nice Minecraft art
24 hours of work? well it was all worth it
Very Cute
It's a nice start. drawing when you are boring is fun to do.
1 half year?
A half year no upload. It's doesn't manner anyway. for some reason. I did it on purpose! Well you have to do something in live. Not trolling people of course. or upload stolen art or something like that. You may say that this comic is made from a human with no friends. no fame. have's autism. If you have already wasted you time by reading the other 4 pages, I win! Because i like doing it. No crime here. Just a little space of the Smack jeeves service.
Nice pipe
Like the color above kirby! this stands nice on the background!
Page 4 (the first one for this year) Please help me
Maybe a little late to say guys but: Happy new year!
It`s been a mouth sinds i uploaded page 3. why took it so long to make the nest page? You know, hollydays, Real life thinks and of course: Fans! I stil got no fans. please help me for inproving if there is something wrong with this comic or you have some feedback, PLEASE TELL ME!

Tt`s so unmotiveded when you work hard for a comic and no-one add it to there favoratis. so i ask you kindly:

Comment of faving is appreciated!!!
Page 3
Ho-ray for finishing page 3! Plus i have made a banner for my comic and i got also a avatar!

Alas, no fans yet. But maybe i will get some soon.

Oh no, Luigi is getting pissed because Mario calls him lazy Begger? Well Luigi will tell the truth in front of the princes!

But that's not the reason why the bros are in Peach castle!
Holly Cheeeblocks. Good one!
Second Page is here & Layout changed!
Second page! Mario go`s like a blue hedgehog to Prinsess Peach castle. When i arrived, the poor Luigi comes in. I can barely stand on his feets because he rushed to Mario house just to tell mario that the prinses need him.

I played a little with the side of the throne room on the second panel to make it look a entrance of the room.

I wonder what Luigi responce will be. on panel 6

Note: The layout of the comic has been change a bit. This makes for more space for the text in the speech balloons and backgrounds!


A.J. Nitro - Mario and Luigi overworld & battle sprites, Princess Peach, Mario and Luigi house, Emotion bubbles,

Matt "Majin Piccolo" Andrade - Mario and Luigi speech bubbles/text font sprites,

News Super mario bros logo - from

Mario and Luigi - Superstar Saga by AlphaDream, Nintendo

Please report to me if i have missed some people to credit. Action will be taking soon as possible!