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Hmmm.... description... well I like running, cats, starburst, laughing, Lana Del Rey... anything else?
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What has that child been watching??? With all of the....interesting things people do??
But I quite like the idea of electronics taking over.
Quite a test Nick... it's a test to determine whether or not he's fit to be named "Santa" or if he needs to be taken over by someone else.
Awww the creepy cat is Christmas clothed! (say that 5 times fast...)
I think she needs another cat. XD And the new background is.... creepy.... why did you change it? To haunt me?
XD lol that cracked me up.
You need to post more comics sooner!! I LOVE them!
@kangel: Your comics are AWESOME. Love the twilight one. Except she's smiling in a picture... aw cute cat!!