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I'm a mean Shiny espeon, who might read webcomics, in it's free time. I like to hav buttsex with gay pokemon. Yay~
Seriously, the comics not comeing back, Look at the last time it was updated! 12, Months ago!! so stop whineing for this guy to finish the comic. this is getting rather annoying...
No one wants to read remakes of games -.- This comic is stupid, think of your OWN ider insted of copying game freak!
omg...what the fuck is wrong with you people? what do you have aginst furries???? Like seriously! this comic is hurtful and retarted! JUST WRONG! get the fuck off the internet and learn to accept and scocialize with others stupid nazis!
Um, is this comic ever going to updte agan?... I mean it's been 2 months now :/
lol i love this comic!!! its funny!! xD and hey MRZ itsa me green tiger from deviantart! xD