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I'll do this later. >.>
I'm awesome
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@vlogsister98: Thanks so much for caring enough to post. I'm sorry I haven't said anything until now, I've been busy and the thought of breaking the news about this gave me a lot of anxiety - but I've made a news post about the future of the comic. I hope it doesn't disappoint you
@Broktus: What American Flag? I see a flag that has a similar set up to the American Flag, but is too far away for any details other than something in the corner...which is not a specifically American thing. Australia comes to mind.
And anyways.
Pokemon takes place in a FAKE country (doesn't matter what each region is based off of). So I'm assuming if you could enhance this like in Blade Runner and look closer it would be a fake flag.
cr-creepy... .___.
I don't wanna know what the Coven is >___<;; Not if it makes Brad look like that...
Lloyd's face in that third panel =w= XD
Haha how did I know the ring would come up~~? XD
I just want to say that this comic is brilliant. I literally know /nothing/ about the Beatles except like their names and a few songs (like to the point that I don't know who is who in this comic) and it doesn't matter. I can still enjoy it. And I am totally enjoying it~ The artwork is super adorable and the timing and paneling is great ^____^
One year ago I posted the first pages of WEU on smackjeeves. So as far as an actual comic goes, and not just an idea, WEU is a year old.
That almost doesn't compute with me.
I drew the little above pic as sorta a celebration of this anniversary.
But I also just have to be honest with all you guys.
I haven't started the rewrite edits =____=;
It started out because I was busy/trying to spend time with my family over break, but now even when I have free time I'm not using it on this. I have no motivation/am fairly scared of starting this thing. Its quite an undertaking. Not only am I not completely sure how to edit all the things, I'm scared of how that will effect page production. Will I have to start pages from scratch when I'm done editing (because undoubtedly I'll have to make changes to the pages I've already made, some of them drastic)?
But don't take that to mean I'm giving up.
I just have to sit my bum down one of these days and actually start the process.

All in all, just thank you for making this year what it was. A comic, and any type of art for that matter, isn't made for a person to keep for themselves. Its meant to be shared, and without you WEU wouldn't be what it is today. Your support means a lot to me.
Also need to give a huge shout-out to God, without whom none of this would have happened.
*raises glass of apple juice* To many more years?
@bbqbert: ._____.
You commented again!? *head asplodes once more*
*tries to hide in a corner*
*reluctantly comes out*
I'm glad you like it. Really, I appreciate all the kind words. And I'm glad the first chapter sorta took your for a loop as to what the story is supposed to be about. Means I did my job correctly =w=
This...can't be possible...' mean...I read your stuff on TwelveGates and stalk you on deviantart and can't be commenting on my...I mean...
*head asplodes*
...ummmm....thank you... ._____.;
*sorta still freaking out that you have even read this, not even the fact that you commented and said nice things*
Because apparently, according to my friend, Liam looks like Shang at the beginning of I'll Make a Man out of You in the second panel XD She's so right~ I didn't plan that at all

Thanks for reading~
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Ehhhh another not so great title. A vague reference to The Emperor's New Groove.

Thanks for reading!
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ALSO now I have a shop with stickers for WEU, check it out: d
(they are listed as shirts too, but I expect the stickers will do better because...they are loads cheaper XD)
Ugh couldn't think of a title this time around =___=;

Thanks for reading~
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Thanks for reading~
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>w> Knew it...
But gee whiz am I spazzing out. Will have a proper response once its updated on CM because I dun wanna spoil their waiting fun ^___^ much Whovian-ness, so little time...

Thanks for reading~
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Because...those are wallets...and they put them in their pockets...if that's not apparent, which I'm afraid it isn't >___>

Thanks for reading!
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@Carissa: Great~! Cuz I ain't switching back XD
First traditional page~ Let me know how you like it~

Thanks for reading~
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Ehhhh probably my least favorite page I've done for this chapter. It came out super lazy.
Its also the last page I ever inked. Let's have a moment of silence for the inks.

Thanks for reading~
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Thanks for reading~
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